The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (February 1894)

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il. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. TRANSPARENCIES MADE OR COLOURED LN THE BSEeSst LPoOssibim MANNA BY FREDERICK J. STEDMAN, 174, BRIDGE ROAD, BATTERSEA, LONDON, S.W. CORRESPONDENCE INVITED Professional Mark. In anawer to many inquiries, please note address : S27 VW. R. HILL & SON, C722" OPTICAL SCENIG ARTISTS to the Ropal Palytactinic aN a} Institution sitize 1840 (by special appointmerit). Also the London and Provinsial fheatves, Colleges and Institutes, &e. a : Oricinat CHitoe & Hitcr, Sole 'nventors of Dissolving Views & Effects & Chromatrope, Tntroducers of the Lime-light on to the Stage (Drury Lane, 1855). | Speciahity in first-class photo colouring sath original and Striking sky effects. New Errect Sxts.—Statue of Liberty—God of the Tlarvest— : Monte Carlo—Fiery Cascade (N.Z.I—Bombardment of Algiers— ' Mount Tourbillon-—Thunder Peak, &c. ROYAL POLYTECHNIC (fonvon, June, 1875). “ The final illustration represents the parachute sliell, which, being fired from a mortar at night, bursts in the air and effectually lights up the country. This effect, which is by Mr. W. R. Hicr, and beautifully rendered, brings a most instructive lecture to a close." —Mornimg Advertiser. ‘* The audience is startled by the wonderful effect of the parachute shell...... such as the original...... a clever imitation.’’—Times. 13, Beversbrook Rd., Tufnell Park, London, N. ] | | \ Monthly, Threepence. THE PHOTOGRAM, Ltd.. MEMORIAL HALL, E.C. a Subscription, 4s. Gd. per annum. T. J. DOGGETT, Manufacturer of Optical Lanterns, &c. 4, Church Lane, Upper Street, LONDON, N. All Accessories for the Lantern trade supplicd. ee These Lenses are the outcome of a long and interesting experience of Lantern Work. They are used by such experts as William Brooks, T. C. Hepworth, 2nd Andrew Pringle, and are designed especially to secure the finest possible definition throughout the pictures al ) Pes ihe est, a Messy,” 6 Sot = Sy ‘npensti 5 they project. In every respect they are carefully designed, accurately constructed and _ beautifully finished. Catalogue containing valuable information on the action of Lenses, mailed free on receipt of post card. WOOD'S LANTERNS AND SLIDES ON SALE OR HIRE. 100,000 Slides to Select from. . PLAIN SLIDES, 12s. per doz. ; The ‘“* EUPHANERON ”’ LANTERN, with the four-wick W Lamp, £4 4s. The “CHEAP” LANTERN, with 4-in. Condenser and three wick Lamp, £1 10s. “ MAGIC LANTERNS: How Made and How Used,” by A. A. WOOD, post free, 1s. 2d. Wood's New List of Slides and Lanterns. Post-free for One Stamp. i. G@. WOOD, 74, CHMAPSIDE, LONDON. And HORNE, THORNTHWAITE & WOOD, 416, STRAND, LONDON, W.C.