The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (June 1894)

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TRE OPTICAL MAGIC LANTERN. > JOURNAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. EDITED BY J. HAY TAYLOR. Vol. 5.—-No. 61. [seasternses’ Fall JUNE 1, 1894. PAGE Wotea sc ces 90 4G ee Se ew ee eR Ge oR oe Se oo TOS Oo Improving the IUumination of Oil Lamps .. .. .. -.. 106 Hand Cameras for obtaining Slidea forthe Lantern .. .. .. .. 107 Lantern Slides... 6s 0s 45 oe oe ae os ae an ee ox 108 A New Screen Elevator Sat ae Sk aoe. we abs at. a ue ore OD Enlarging by Daylight .. .. -. «1 0. ee te ee ee ee ee HO Processes of Film Making .. 1. 2. oe ce ee ee te ee oe LD The Planet Electric Lamp .. .«1 «2 ee ee ee ee ee ee 113 Editorial Table 6.0... ee ee eee ee ee ee ee ee DM Patent Intelligence je Ge Be Se ae. ad ae War ae eeay Dd Qorrespondence .. ww we ee ee ee ee ee ee ee we TG Notes and Queries aa See eet ep eke eae we Sa ee ae LE Notices. Tue Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger is issued on the lst of every month, price One Penny, and may be obtained from all Newsvendors, Railway News Stalls, Photographic Dealers, or from the Publishers, at the following rates, post free :— United States. 60 cents. 6 ” 12 months oe ee Q/Single copies .. .. -/2 Advertisements (Scale of Charges), displayed :— £ oad. Front and back pages, by arrangement. Ordinary page (whole).. ie -. 3 0 ” » (balf) .. 115 0 " 1 (quarter) 1 0 0 » (eighth) . 100 7 » per linchincolumn.. 6 0 ” ” ” $ ” ” ee 3 0 Excuanoz Column, General Wants, &c. (not Trade) — First 20 words, 6d.; and for every 3 additional words, ld. ADVERTISEMENTS must reach the office not later than the 24th of each month. All cheques and postal orders to be made payable to Taylor Brothers. EDITORIAL communications must be addressed, J. Hay Tayror. Advertisements and business communi ewe Brothers, 56, Chancery Lane, American Agents:—The International News Co., 83 and 85, Duane Street, New York City. NOTICE. Each. Postage. Binding Cases for 12 numbers .. .. .. Ij.. I4d. Reading Cases with 12 cords at back yy... 1k. Bound vols. for 1893 .. .. .. .. « +. 38/6 .. 44d. Notes. As most of our readers lave ‘heard of the excellence of the large lantern-slides that were exhibited years ago at the old Polytechnic, they will, doubtless, be interested in knowing that we are making arrangements to devote an evening, later in the year, for the exhibition of guch sets as can be shown with two of the large lanterns. As soon as we have definitely fixed on a date, we shall have pleasure in ‘announcing full particulars. The slide and lanterns are the property of Mr. E. H. Wilkie. Mr. Wirxre, who was connected with the Polytechnic in its palmy days, is now writing a series of articles for our columns on optical illusions in connection with stage work. sd * * On April 11, when a lantern entertainment was being given at North Botany Town Hall (Sydney), Australia, the reservoir of the spirit jet burst. An elderly lady near the lantern got so severely burned that her injuries proved fatal. A great panic prevailed, and in the excitement a woman dropped a baby from the gallery, but some people below caught it, and it was found to be uninjured. A patent has been applied for ‘‘ for a method of producing photographic magic-lantern slides, pictorial representations, prints, and the like, from living or artificial models, without the aid of scenic effects, by combinations of artistic and photographic manipulation,” and a company is preparing to work this patent. The artist-manager is to be Mr. Weeks, who, we learn, has entered into a contract for five years.