The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (June 1894)

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iv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. ASK YOUR OPTICIAN FOR DUPLEX REGULATOR PERFECT FOR DISSOLYVING. CYLINDERS Speciality from ALL SIZES IN STOCK. CHLORATE OF POTASH. Valves and Fittings. Patentee of the Bourdon Safety Gauge. Patentee of the Bourdon Safety Gauge. CYLINDERS FILLED WHILE CUSTOMER WATTS. Manufacturer—A. CLARKSON, 28, BARTLETT’S BUILDINGS, HOLBORN CIRCUS, LONDON. OXYGEN Dawenport’s ims, STEWARD'S NEW SMALL ELECTRIC 3-WICK pi OTOGENIG ARG | AMP | 4-WICK LANTERNS eee! ss |, s LAMP Are the BEST Oil FOCUS SIMPLE ae Lanterns Made. KEEPING AND CERTAIN. Patent. Price £2 4s. J. 1. S : oF Tue PHoroGentc LANTERN, IN CASE, Best Lamp SOLE MANUFACTURER AND AGENT, anbd Besr Lenses .. és we | £4, HIS Lamp has been designed to use with Optical Lanterns, T Theatre. Lis hts, enlars ging Apparatus, and lievever <a j Bi-UNIAL AND TRIPLE LANTERNS brilliant and steady light is required. With all the Latest Improvements Te will fit into all Oil Lanterns, without alteration, and is adaptable to all kinds of Lime and other Optical Lanterns and COMPRESSED GAS, CYLINDERS, REGULATORS, &ec ’ ’ ° Dissolving View Apparatus. gga oll aaa Ramer A LIST GRATIS, POST FREE. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS. 406, STRAND; 457, WEST STRAND; 7, GRACECHURCH ST., LONDON.