The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (June 1894)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. v. —WVAWSON 7 J. & R. OLDFIELD, Specialists in the manufacture of RUSSIAN IRON and BEST BLACK OPTICAL LANTERNS, &c. Also Photographic DARK-ROOM LAMPS (absolutely light-proof) and other Photographic Accessories. To the Trade Only. 26, GEORGE ST., PARADE, BIRMINGHAM. DARLINGTON'S HANO-BOQKS TO NORTH WALES Wit aps by John Bartholomew, F Messrs. W. & A. K. Johnston. Crown 8v0.. Extensively Illustrated. Full Lists on Application, DARLINGTON’S NATURALIST SERIES. The Birds, Wild Flowers, Ferns, Mosses & Grasses of N. Wales. By Ralph Darlington, F.R.G.S., F.R.B.S., F.R.H.S. Full Lists and Press Opinions on A pplication. LLANGOLLEN: R. DARLINGTON & Co. ONDON! SUTTON, DROWLE & CO.; W. 1H. SMITI. & SON, Railway Bookstalls and all Booksellers, HORNT ON Time & Instantaneous Standard Pattern. Best for all-round work. Price from 18s. 6d. Snap Shot Shutter For Instantaneous Exposurcs From 10s. FOCAL PLANE For High Speeds up 1-1000th of a second. Price from 853. WHEELER’S NEW LINES. Printing Register, for developed pictures, cloth 1/-, postage, thd. Mancunium Mounts, No pasting or trimming. In four sizes, }-pl., 5x 4; Cab. and 4-pl. 4-pl. 5/per roo. Interchangeable Albums, to hold 144 lantern-slides size or Frena Pictures, two on a page; strongly bound, 4/-. Stout White Backing, Pure material; all sizes; 120 sheets, 3-pl., Gd.3 4-pl., 1/-, boxed. Also in large sheets. Recording Negative Envelopes. Save time, trouble and money, and are reliable. Boxed in 100'S, 3pl., to full pl. Order through the dealers, or send for Price List to GEO. WHEELER & Co., 46, King Street West, MANCHESTER. OPTICAL LANTERN LCECTURES, By RALPH DARLINGTON, F.R.G.S. My Travels in Egypt and Experiences on the Nile—150 Slides. My Travels in Greece. Turkey and Asia Minor—100 Slides. Across North Africa—90 Slides. Pompei. Past and Present, and the Bay of Naples—80 Slides The Sights ot Rome—d0 Slides. Picturesque Italy: Past and Present—100 Slides. Prospectuses and Terms for Lectures this winter on Application. R. DARLINGTON, Greenheys, Llangollen, North*Wales. Theoretically & Practically=the best Thornton-Pickard Camera. Ruby pattern. Shutter attached to Cam CKARD SHUTTERS, OCfoce eerosune ATEN Caposune Dark Slide Recorder. For fitting era Front, with Stand. toany slide. Prevents two pictures : : being taken on one plate. Price fid. Price from £8 11s. 0d. Automatic Stand. With Self-locking Joints. Price from 17s. 6d. The Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co., ALTRINCHAM, wean MANCHESTER, . Telegraphic & Postal Address :—Thornton. Pickard, Altrincham. The prices of the Back Numbers of the Optical Magic Lantern Journal are at present as follows :— Postage extra. Vol. No. Vol. No. 1..1 June 1889, 2/6 1... 10 March 1890 1d. 1..2 July . 1/1... 11 April “wAd. 1..3 Aug. “< I/> 1.. 12 May se. el 1... 4 Sept. Pe l/; 2.. 13 June ae ~ by 1..5 Oct. wold. 2.. 14 July » Id. 1..6 Nov. , Id. | 2..15 Aug | dd. 1..7 Dec. » Id. 2 .. 16 Sep. aw «=o 1..8 Jan. 1890, 1d. 2... 17 Oct. » 1d. 1... 9 Feb, «a ads 2 .. 18 Nov. » _d. Vol. No. Vol. No. 2..19 Dec. 1890 Id. 2 .. 28 Sept 1891 1/2.. 20 Jan. 1891 9d. 2... 29 Oct. » «69d. 2... 21 Feb. » 1d. 2... 30 Nov. is 205 2 ...22 March ,, Id. 2 .. 31 Dec. » 3d. 2 .. 23 April » «69d. 3... 32 Jan. 1892 9d. 2.. 24 May » 6d. 3 .. 33 Feb. = 66d. 2... 25 June » Id 3 .. 34 March ,, 1/2... 26 July » 6d. 3 .. 35 April » 6d. 2..27 August ,, 3d. 3 .. 36 May » 3d. No 37 & ap to Date 1d. each.