The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (July 1895)

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i. en he Oo te) Meal THE OPTICAL LANTERN (8 —— JOURNAL — AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. A Magazine of Popular Science for the Lecture-room and Evited by J. HAY TAYLOR. fle Domestic Circle. [siatiowere Fan) Vol. 6.—No. 74. JULY, 1895. Price 1d,, Post-free 2d. THE MAGIC LANTERN: ITS CONSTRUCTION & USE. Contains complete Instructions. Cleth Covers, PRICE 62 ; Each Magic Lantern is efficient for exhibitions. The Lens gives crisp definition, being a euperior Achromatic Photographic Combination with rack and pinion. It is fitted to a telescopic lengthening tube, so gaining increased focal accommodation. The Condenser is composed of two plano-convex lenses of 4 inches diameter. The refulgcut lamp has 3 wicks (or 4 wicks 2s. extra), yielding a brilliantly illuminated picture.—Each is complete in box. s i Students’ Lantern (to | Russian I Body, Perforated Russian Mahogany outside Body. Japanned Metal take demonstrating tank) | een eee Iron Body, | 2 Panelled Doors, Brass Telescopic Tubes, > |with Brass Sliding Tubes Braes Sliding Tubes, Brass Sliding Tubes, | Stages, Sliding Tubes, Moulded Base, 30s. 40s. 45s. 50s. ‘ 105s. OPTIMUS? Bi-uiat LANTERN FoR LiMeLicHT “OPTIMUS: TRIPLE LANTERN. § LPanclled Mahogany Body, 4 doora and Moulded Foot, Achromatic The Top Lantern may be used separately with Oil Lamp. Photographic Front Lens, Compound Condensers, Brass Panelled Mahogany Body, 6 doors and Moulded Foot, Brass Stages Stages and Sliding Tubes... we oe .. £10 10s. and Tubes, Achromatic Front Lens, Compound Condensers £1'7 10 | PERKEN, SON & RAYMENT, °:":""" LONDON. ‘OPTIMUS.’ LEONARD CHAPMAN & Co, ——. ENGINEERS, | Sheffield Street, London, W.c. (LINCOLN’S INN.) f Patentees of and Contractors for the erection of Plant for extracting OXYGEN from the atmosphere. 1 Makers of Improved High-Pressure COMPRESSORS for Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbonic Acid, Ammonia, &. { Solid Drawn Seamless Steel GAS CYLINDERS of guaranteed Carbon percentage | f and ductility. | All Cylinders tested, stamped, and numbered by GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR, whose CERTIFICATE accompanies each. Sole Makers of CHAPMAN’S Improved Indestructible VALVES of “Bull Nose” and other patterns. Telesgrams—** SCENE s, LONDON.’ B. J. EDWARDS & Co., tHe Grove, HACKNEY. EDWARDS’ LANTERN PLATES 1/PER D