The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (July 1895)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographi: Enlarger. iil. ARCHER’S WEW “TOURIST” HAND CAMERA. This neat Camera contains 6 Double Dark Slides, all fitting behind the It has a Leather Bellows worked by Rack and Pinion from the outside, with engraved Scale of Distances; Rising Front; Door at Back for focussing when used on a stand; 2 Finders; Thorntonand First-class Rapid Rectilinear Lens fitted Beautifully made throughout. focussing screen. Pickard Shutter; with Improved Iris Diaphragms. Price £5 Ss. nett, complete. ARCHER & SONS, Manufacturing Opticians, LIVERPOOL. Established 1848. 43 to 49, LORD STREET, Full Price List, 20 New Cameras, al! Prices, Post Free. GENERAL WANTS, &c. PRACTICAL Lanternist of 20 years’ experience is open to engagements, with or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal.—Address, Optics, 13, York-street, Walworth, London, 8.E. N iNia Hanu Stand, }-plate Camera, R.R. Lens, Thornton-Pickard T. and I. Shutter, Changing Box, bound in leather, nickel-plated fittings, good viewfinder, substantial baize-lined leather case, lock, key, handle and shoulder strap; the whole guaranteed perfectly new, with folding tripod, with waterproof case, £6 63.; full particulars sent.—Blaker, Studio, Worthing. f Fleet! given to all, a copy of the “Tit Bit Guide to Photography,” 56 pages.—Send one stamp for postage to Tvlar, High-street, Aston, Birmingham. See Displays, [lluminations, and Limelight; any quantity. Glass Lamps, 10s. per gross—E, Baker & Co., 102, Green street, Victoria Park, London, E. 1 CIGNTIFIC Toy and Fancy Bazaar at Eastbourne for disposal; good position; same hands twelve years ; rent £30, cleared by lantern exhibiting; price for £160 worth of stock, lease and fixtures, £180.—H. W. Collins, 24, Seaside, Eastbourne. ANTED Slides on Physiology, Anatomy, Temperance, kindred subjects, in exchange for superior sets effect: slides.—Dyke, 20, Granby-street, Leicester. AWSON Saturator, as new, 38s. 6d. Brin’s fine adjustment valve, cost 10s. 6d.; 6s, 6d.; approval. —C. Rosser, Allersleigh, Westbury, Wilts. O LANTERNISTS, &c.—Wanted to purchase two secondhand regulators, oxygen and hydrogen, must be warranted ; other fittings.—Send price to W. S. Paul, 77, High-street, Southampton. PARTMEN'IS at picturesque Rye; artist's favourite resort; ancient gateway, castle in ruius ; illustrated guide, 2d.—Mrs. Button, Landgate, Rye. OLITICAL Shdes for Elections.— Caricatures, cartoons, etc., specially designed to suggestions or order; linen transparency pictures, hand and window bills,etc.,painted ; drawings and sketches for any purpose. Frank T. Weeks, 81, Thorps-road, Forest Gate. YOR SALE.—Good serviceable lantern, French make, telescopic lens, can be arranged for oil light or limelight; with 4-wick lamp, gas jet, tray, carrier, and 20 feet india-rubber tubing, exhibition sheet 12 feet square, quite new, cheap, all for £5.--Address 55, Wellington-street, Felling-on-Tyne. REAT Clearance Sale of New and Second-hand Highclass Triple Bi-unial Oil-light Lanterns; also Grand Effects, and the very finest Coloured Photographs out put on a screen; also the remaining portion of Professor Malden's stock of magnificent slides and effects. This is an opportunity of a life time for high-class werk, not commercial rubbish. Tremendous reductions.—Apply Hughes, Prewster House, Mortimer road, Kingsland, London, N. ANTED a Set of Thoroughly Good Slides, to illustrate a lecture on music.—Particulars to J. Steward, Tay and Wood-streets, Invercargill, New Zealand. YLIDES Wanted, must be good; religious, tems perance, instructive and comic, illustrated hymns and effect slides; send lists stating if coloured or plain to Lanternist, 33, Paris Street, Exeter. ANYED.—Astronomical sides and mechanical effects, first-class only; also natural phenomena and effects.—Albert Smith, St. Ann's Well, Brighton. Clearance of 4,000 Plain & Coloured Lantern Slides By the BEST MAKERS at HALF PRICE. Detailed List sent on receipt of Sixpence— 10, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, M. W. DUNSCOMBE, BRISTOL, ENGLAND. A RARE AND GENUINE BARGAIN. The High-Class and powerful Biunial built and used by C. W. Locke at the Royal Albert Hall on the 20th of June, Great improvements. Particulars on application to Cc. W. LOCKE, Lantern and Slide Maker, 244, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W. and enlarging. Lists free. SLIDES T. T. WING, Chatteris, Cambs. Magic Lanterns & Slides! Great Bargains ! New and Second-hand Lanterns and Slides. Book with instructions, post free, six stamps. Largest stock of Slides in the world, can be had on hire or purchase, very low terins. Secondhand lists and small catalogue post free. : artistically coloured, from 4s. 6d. dozen, Slides prepared trom negatives, 6s. dozen. Slides for sale or hire. Photo printing ALTER TYLER, ww : 48 & 50, Waterloo Road, London. Also 94, WATERLOO ROAD.