The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (July 1895)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. v. "USLSAHONVIN 4B0U ‘WYHONINLIV 'ANVdWOO ONINNLOVINNVIN GYVHOId-NOLNYOHL SHL 9a4f 280g anbojnz09 ‘SIL BF mug ‘BIOP[OF 94¥[g yuaivg 8O1U pus puLyg opeaozny ‘10930qG Surpnypout ‘aomg “qsiung pue drgsavaryi0 Ay Ul yoaplag = "se1aWIBD 19470 UT pautwidos 4OU 8210789; [wrIoeds AURM BBA “BIOUTED ON} WILK dn spjoy puv yuo1y 07 poyouzze sf 13z4nqS N¥31LLVd WHAWY)D «a ASNY,, -/01 213 LOHS d¥NS ‘euyxa g/g ‘4ozeoIpuy paads The TIMBERLAKE SATURATORS (No. 1, 508.; No. 3, 35s.) Are the Safest, most Brilliant, and Best extant. Will give a quiet light of 500 C.P.,and 800 C.P. can be had. Timberlake's Saturine is the best Hydrocarbon for use with any Saturator, 1d, per oz, For Testimonials and Particulars send to— THOMAS TIMBERLAKE, MAIDENHEAD. With Special SLIDE COLOURING! Wi Sei! and Sky Effects. Mountain and Water, Wild Scenery and Eastern Views, our Speciality. WILKINSON & Co., Glass Painters: SUNDERLAND. (Established 1859.) LARGE SLIDES Painted to Order; Also Effects and Mechanicals. SANDS, HUNTER & Co., Photographic Apparatus and Lanterns, NEW AND SECOND HAND, BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. Lanterns and Operator let out for evening entertainments for children, &c. Terms Moderate. 4 nbourne St., Leicester Square, London, W.C ‘sagdarT 910TH 10 OM} 4G [[LArazNYS st"s ay], “UOTBIqIA yNONIIM ‘sinoq 10 sojnuror 0} du puooay & 40 suorjowsy Woy ‘moneINp UB JO samnsodxe saatd VI “poATBEN 9yy UL 4Uayo~Ma yaour oq} ATBoyjowIgG pus Ayworjatoay, YIOg By YaLLANHs ~/G& wor ANWTd TVDOA s ae -/96 Mou OIdOISOTMALS ’ O/B wou ddIUg WHEELER'S PHOTOGRAPHIC HELPS. Anti-Halation Paper.—Roliable and quickly applied. Mancunium Photo Mounts, Exposure Register and Tables, 9th Ed. 1s. Gelatino-Chloride Backing Paper.—3 kinds, Recording Negative Bnvelopes.—Reliable. Printing Register for Developed Pictures. Modern Photographic Labels. “Photo Enlargements, How to make.”—3rd Ed. ts. Negative Preservative Paper. Interchangeable Photo Albums.—Various. Celluloid Film Storage Cases, Protecting Masks for Undeveloped Plates, for Tourists. Ready-marked Lantern Masks. —Perfect Safety. Send for Price List—Free. THE DEALERS, or Geo. Wheeler & Co., 46, King St. W., Manchester Dark Slide Labals.—6d. Book. Photographic Print Cases. Photographic Blotting Books, Dissolving View Magic Lanterns and Slides Photographic Apparatus, Scientific Instruments and every description of miscellaneous property: R. J, C. STEVENS begs to announce that he holds Sales of the above, every Friday, at half-past twelve precisely, at his great Rooms, 38, King Street, Covent Garden, London. Gentlemen wishing to include property tn these Sales are requested to send particulars one week prior to sale, F. BROWN, LIMELIGHT JET MANUFACTURER. Sole Maker of THE GRIDIRON SATURATOR, etc., et. 11 and 18, Ossulston Street, LONDON, N.W.