The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1895)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. 9 Patent L for Optical s ST O C KS ° eee a 109 STAN DARD CANDLEPOWER. “UHMOd-HIGNVD TAVGNV.LS STANDARD CANDLE-POWER. PRICE, 28/EACH. COPY OF CERTIFICATE OF TEST. “Tbis is to certify that 1 have this day tested one of Stocks’ Patent Oil Lamps for Optical Lanterns, and find that the light given by it is equal to LO@ Standard Candle-power; also that the multiple flame is very compact, and when used in a Lantern, a very evenly-illuminated disc of great brilliancy and purity is produced, far exceeding that of the ordinary 4-wick ‘lamps. “* October 10th, 1894. (Signed) W. J. COLES, A.M.I1.C.E."” These Patent Stocks’ Lamps, of LOQ@ Candle-power, can be purchased from all Dealers, PRICE 28s. each. NEW PORTABLE preklidal SKELETON SINGLE LIMELIGHT LANTERN (Patent). = . s 3 us rad ° | = . al o Sef QAxg0 oe we i sso De SS a hoes Ss sQ OR ~o c= a8 oy 3s S p= . Q = ff > s S S 3 Size 6} x 62 x 7 inehes. Price complete, with three different foci, front lenses, and best*oxyhydrogen mixed gas jet, &9 Qs. Od. Can be purchased from all dealers, an &