The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1895)

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Professional Mark. In answer to many inquiries, please note address Pee ~ W. R. HILL & SON, 2 OPTICAL SCENIO ARTISTS to the Royal Polytechnic Institution since 1840 (by special appointment). Also the London and Provincial. Theatres, Colleges and Institutes, etc. ORIGINALLY CHiLDE & HILL, Sole Inventors of Dissolving Views & Effects & Chromatrope, Introducers of the Lime-light on to the Stage,(Drury Lane 1855), , Speciality in first-class photo colouring with original and : i stvtking sky effects. New Eprects (to order only).—New Carol Singers, with realistic and marvellous effects, change to Christmas morning (snowing), stage coach arrives with guests; the welcome. The Waits, and other scenes to illustrate Christmas in ye olden times. The Old and New Year. Song, Nazareth, illustrated, &c. .All our old sets to be obtained. Devoted to Pbotograpbic and Pboto = Mecbanical Toth. Pangrtiee bor tripled sev te eho JUNE ee: ise; EDITED BY “The final illustration represents the parachute shell, which, being | . fired from a mortar at night, bursts in the air and effectually lights H. SNOWDEN WARD ano CATHARINE WEED Waro. up the country, This effect, which is by Mr. W. R. Hitz, and | Monthly,3d. Post free, 4jd. Per Annum, post free, 4s. 6d. beautifully rendered, brings a most instructive lecture toaclose.” «| ° Published for THE PHOTOGRAM, LTMD., by Morning Advertiser. London: Dawsarn anp Warp, Lrp., Farringdon Avenue. ‘‘ The audience is startled by the wonderful effect of the parachute | ° New York: Spon AND CHAMBERLAIN, 12, Cortlandt Street. shell...... such as the original...... a clever imitation.”—Times. Philadelphia; W. P. BucHANAN, 1126, Arch Street. 13, Beversbrook Rd., Tufnell Park, London, N, “RUBY” CAMERA pavtern. geelia Shutter is attached to Front and Focal Plane’ 5 folds up with the Camera. Price, from 35/Fe ( i i tter, tic 8 ’ ; 5 Soe WL enen hen ee = Price from 18/8 Speed Indicator (recommended) 3/6 extra. Catalogue Post Free. : THE THORNTON-PICKARD MANUFACTURING CO., ALTRINCHAM, NEAR MANCHESTER. WOOD’S “SPECIAL JET” Is the Jet for the coming season, absolutely safe, brilliant light, equal to mixed jet and hard lime; gas at ordinary pressure from the main can be used. , Read the following report (Optical Magic Lantern Journal, November, 1894) onthe Candle-power of various Jets, by Mr. W. J. Coles, A.M.1.C.E.:— Ordinary blow-through Jet, soft lime .. 260 candle-power. Wood’s special blow-through Jet -475 ,, Ordinary mixed Jet, hard lime.. + 475 ,, se vi Price ‘of Jet, best workmanship and finish, £1 118. 6d. _ Send for Wood's Catalogue of Lanterns and Slides on Sale or Hire, post free, three stamps. E. G. WOOD, 74, Cheapside, LONDON. Is both Theoretically and Practically the most efficient in the market. It gives exposures of any duration, from fractions of a second up to minutes or hours, without vibration, The same Shutter will fit two or more Lenses,