The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1895)

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xiv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. FOR REGISTRATION OF PATENTS, TRADE MARKS AND DESIGNS, Apply to—The Patent Department, ‘“ MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL,” 56, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.C. Information and advice gratis, ne , STEREOSCOPIC PHOTOGRAPHY at cne Exposure with an ordinary single lens camera by uring 3, THEODORE BROWN'S STEREOSCOPIC TRANSMITTER. British, French & German Patents applied for. Adjustable to all cameras. No transposition of prints required. No cutting or remounting negatives. Perfect sterco effects, ctc. Price in case complete, 0/6 post free. Write for illustrated circulars post free to the inventor, THEODORE BROWN, Stereoscopis Supply Stores, Portland House, Salisbury. For sample slide produced by the aid of this Instrument, enclose £ stamps, MORLEY & COOPER, 70, UPPER STREET, LONDON, N. LANTERNS,SLIDES avo aut ACCESSORIES. LECTURER’S LANTERNS raom 245, A large stock of New and Second-hand Cameras, Lenses, and Photographic Sundries on Sale or Exchange. ESTABLISHED 1843. WHEELER'S PHOTOGRAPHIC HELPS. Anti-Halation Paper.—Reliable and quickly applied. Mancunium Photo Mounts. Exposure Register and Tables, 9th Ed. 13. Dark Slide Labals.—6d. Book. Gelatino-Chloride ae Paper.—3 kinds. Photographic Print Cases. Recording Negative Envelopes.—Reliable, Photographic Blotting Books, Printing Register for Doveloped Pictures. Modern Photographic Labels, “Photo Enlargements, How to make.”"—3rd Ed. 1s. Negative Presorvativo Paper. Interchangeable Photo Albums.—Various, Colluloid Film Storage Cases. Protecting Masks for Undeveloped Plates, for Tourists. Ready-marked Lantern Masks. —Perfect Safety. Send for Price List—Free. THE DEALERS, or Geo. Wheeler & Co., 46, King St. W., Manchester. —— Dissolving View Magic Lanterns and Slides Photographic Apparatus, Scientific Instruments and every description of miscellaneous property. R. J.C. STEVENS begs to announce that he holds Sales of the above, every Friday, at half-past twelve precisely, at his great Rooms, 38, King Street, Covent Garden, London, Gentlemen wishing toinclude property in these Sales ave requested to send particulars one week prior to sale, F. BROWN, LIMELIGHT JET MANUFACTURER. Sole Maker of THE GRIDIRON SATURATOR, etc., ete. 11 and 18, Ossulston Street, LONDON, N.W. Lantern matters a speciality. The TIMBERLAKE SATURATORS (No. 1, 50s.; No. 3, 35s.) Are the Safest, most Brilliant, and Best extant. Will give a quiet light of 500 C.P., and 800 C.P. can be had. Timberlake's Saturine is the best Hydrocarbon for use with any Saturator, 1d. per oz, For Testimonials and Particulars send to— THOMAS TIMBERLAKE, MAIDENHEAD. SANDS, HUNTER & Co,, Photographic Apparatus and Lanterns, NEW AND SECOND HAND, BY ALL THE BEST MAKEKS. Lanterns and Operator let out for evening entertainments for children, &c. Terms Moderate. 20, Cranbourne St,, Leicester Square, London, W.C Clearance of 40,000 Plain & Coloured Lantern Slidgs By the BEST MAKERS at HALF PRICE. Detailed List sent on receipt of Sixpsnee— M.W. DUNSCOMB . 10, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BOUND VOLUMES. OF TEE OPTICAL MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL rok 1s94. . PRICE 8s. each; Post 43d.