The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1895)

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xvi. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. i ae se Nh NEW LANTERN Plate Which gives WARM or COLD TONES at will. LANTERN SLIDES made with these MAGNIFICENT PLATES cannot be excelled (if equalled) by any other Process. PRICE WITH FULL INSTRUCTIONS, FORMULA, &c., PER 1/= DOZEN. eon Try them and prove the truth of the above. Ka ELLIOTT & SON, BARNET, HERTS. NEWTON & Co.'s Scientific Lantern Slides, a HW Wright's Wave Slide, for POLARISCOPES, MICROSCOPES, AND SCIENTIFIC; ew. thsetrate the motion APPARATUS FOR PROJECTION. » | : vibration of the par4 ticles, 15/ White Light Slide, for use with the Lantern, @ with transparent disc of coloured sectors toillus™ trate the composition of white light, 12/6. CROVA’S DISC, For use with the Lantern, for illustratin motion of sound an light waves, Complete, 27/6, ELBOW POLARISCOPE for Table use, or for projection, with Nicol Analyser, complete in Case, £7 7s. Od. Crystal Stage for ditto, for showing rings and brushes in crystals in convergent light, 12s 6d. extra, Convergent System for wide angle crystals, 84s. extra. Messrs. Newton & Co. having been able to procure a small quantity of Iceland Spar, can now supply a limited number of Direct Polariscopes with large Nicol Polarizers at from £80 to £150 each. Owing to the dearth of Spar, these instruments have not been obtainable for some years past. NEW CATALOGUE of Lanterns, Special Apparatus for Scientific NEWTON & C Scientific ee 0., Instrument Makers , pa (By Special Appcintment to the Royal Institution), =~ ; = Post Free, 6 Stamps, 3, FLE ET STREET, LON DON. ‘ Complete Lantern abd Slide Catalogue, 6 Stamps. Printed and Published by the Proprietors, TayLor Bros., 56, Chancery Lane, London, W.0.