The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (January 1896)

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XXVi. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. THE MARVELLOUS PAMPHENGOS, The most Powerful Oil Light in the Market. Over 3,000 Sold. (HUGHES PATENT.) TESTED, TRIED, PROVED. im Further Improvements. Greater Yclame Of Light. Cannot be Surpassed. It has Challenged Comparison for over 14. Years. IT IS PERFECTION AND SIMPLE TO WORK. RELIABLE AND SAFE. . No Smell. No Smoke. Can i it No Broken Glasses. | Uh Hi {thi Mi PRICES OF LAMP, — £2 2s. £110Os, £1 1s. WHY IS THE PAMPHENGOS SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS ?—Because it is carefully and scientifically constructed, and not made commercially and sold under a variety of nom de plumes. Beeause it is a pure white light. Beeause the coniodal glasses resist heat and are proof against fracture. Because, it has no dampers or chimney lengtheners, or other extraneous gear which are evils to beeschewed. Because lanternists, by experience, are finding its true value. Because it gives a good 12 to rq feet disc unparalleled, therefore will] largely take the place of limelight and thus save the risk and danger of gas explosions. €Do not have any other lantern or lamp than the MARVELLOUS PAMPHENGOS, a really superb, substantial and effective instrument. Waste not your money on inferior imitations. HUNDREDS ‘OF TESTIMONIALS. Supplied to Colleges, Institutions, Clergy, and the Gentry. Particulars free. Prices.—Complete PAMPHENGOS, beautifully constructed, solid brass fronts, with high-class lenses, £6 68., £4 ts., and £2 10s. The Universal 4-wick lanterns, 4 inch condensers, £1 2s. 6a. BEFORE PURCHASING be sure to get Mr. HUGHES’ MAGNIFICENTLY ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of great Inventions in the art of OPTICAL PROJECTION, a volume to be prized, over 160 Original Illustrations— not commercial—showing the Docwra Triple, the Miniature Malden Triple, the Grand Triple, and Bi-unials, Grand Effects, Novelties, &c., and other makes of Lantern, Price 6d., postage 2d. W, C. HUGHES, Specialist, Over 25 Years’ Reputation for Highest Class Work, as supplied to Madame Patti, B. J. Malden, Esq., Capt. Chas. Reade, R.N., Royal Polytechnic, and the leading Institutions in the World.) Brewster House, Mortimer Rd., Kingsland, London, N. |