The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (February 1897)

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B. J EDWARDS & Co., THE Grove, HACKNEY. NET AE SCION ED ON hii : Grae SE pL < gr VSN PAT ACA = SS yh DF xk OT OIE NM: .. THE OPTICAL . . MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL And Photographic @nlarger. A Magazine of Popular Science for the Lecture-Room and the Domestic Circle. WITH WHICH !S INCORPORATED THE ‘“‘LANTERN WORLD.” moNc Hp = WW! 8 v 2 BS. a ay o: sie Z ray, y Ne QP CUS OY OP & & (Entered at Stationers’ Hall.) Vol. 8.—No. 93. FEBRUARY, 1897. _ Double Number, pice "sa Post Free aia. Keg kK SANTIBBIIO) 2: “ SPECIALLY MADE FOR CINEMATOGRAPHS ee Animated Photographic Projection Apparatus, 5 —, £2:2:—a. Brilliant Illumination — Crisp Definition. MAGIC LANTERNS & SLIDES. sete TYLER has the Largest and Best Stock of Lanterns and Slides in the World. Upwards of 200,000 Slides on Travel, Views, Scripture, Temperance, Comic Tales, Chromotropes, Effect Slides, etc., which can be purchased at most moderate prices, or can be had on Hire onspecially low terms. WALTER TYLER’S Helioscopie Lantern is the perfection of all Lanterns, 43 inch condensers and extra large diameter Jens, and gives a most wonderful light. A large number of New Sets of Slides this season. Bi-unials and Triple Lanterns from £8 to £200. All requiring the very best value should not fail to send for the largest and most complete Book (upwards of 500 pages), which will be sent post free to any part of the world for six stamps, and contains a lot of most useful information for working all kinds of apparatus, and also a list of all the sets of Slides and the new Improvements in Lantern Appliance. Has cost several hundreds of pounds to produce, and is well known to be the best published. Without doubt the Best and Cheapest House in the World for everything connected with Magic Lanterns and Slides. Thousands of Slides and Lanterns secondhand; Great Bargains. For good quality of Articles, most Moderate Prices, and Promptness in Despatch, WALTER TYLER cannot be surpassed. SECOND-HAND LANTERNS and SLIDES. Very Great Bargains. Catalogues sent Post Free. WALTER TYLER, 48, 60, & 94, Waterloo Rd., S°S?°*: use HAUFFS DEVELOPERS—amipoL, METOL, GLYCIN. PERKEN, SON & RAYMENT, “ison ssc:* LONDON. ‘OPTIMUS.’ ‘EDWARDS’ LANTERN PLATES, 1/PER DOZ. PLATES & PAPERS.