The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (February 1897)

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il. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. >t 1897 *‘ Primus’ Lanterns. %< ‘Primus’ Gas & Lantern. Be Complete TERED I use REGISTERED DESIGN. with Incandescent Gas, Acetylene, and Limelight. Most . Convenient, — Compact, Complete baa Lantern, Primus’ | Extant. . Lantern 25s. Price, complete in case, with gas fittings and everything necessary, &6 6s. Od. Stand, | ‘Primus’ Gas Lantern, complete in case, as sent out. ‘PRIMUS’ FOLDING LANTERN, 1897 Up-to-Date. Supplied complete for Limelight, or Acetylene Gas. Price, £4 4s. Od. | Complete with interchangeable blow-through and mixed i limelight jet, or Acetylene Jet, in stiff mail cloth carrying case. ‘Primus’ Limelight Projector (Patent). 1s greatest ease. No Jet. jector the light may be instantly thrown J Price, £2 10s., complete. almost any shade may be obtained. This Projector can be fixed in almost any position, and Supplied complete in neat carrying case, with six tinters, by adaptable to every requirement. By means of this Pro into any position, and the colours changed with the which W. BUTCHER & SON, BLACKHEATH, LONDON. S.E. 1897 Catalogue of Lanterns and Apparatus Free Liberal Discounts to Dealers. Every Lantern Requisite supplied.