The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (February 1897)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. v. THE PENDANT SATURATOR. “YO OXYGEN Tap OF JET f ‘ TO OXYGEN Pe Geen) CYLINDER TORYOROGEN TAP OF JET ABSOLUTE SAFETY. to 20 cubic feet of Hydrogen. No trouble from fluid in tubes, OVER FLOW PLUG Pertect steadiness. No readjustment of Great brilliancy. Price dds, Capacity equal ! tap | required after starting. | — Revolution in Jets 111 1,500 CANDLE-PO WER. ‘Gwyer’s Patent Jet Was EX RIRST in the recent ‘LIMELIGHT CONTEST | On the 22nd of JANUARY. | Is equally efficient for Mixed Gases and Ether. Write for Particulars to the Manufacturers— J. S. WILLWAY & SONS, DRAWBRIDGE, BRISTOL. PATENT ‘CHORNTON:/9ICKARD # CAMERAS SHUTTERS THE SIMPLEST AND THE BEST. Amber Camera Outfit complete from £5 3s. 6d. Time and Instantaneous Shutter from 18s. 6d. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE. THE “THORNTON: PICKARD MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LTD., ALTRINCHAM, NEAR MANCHESTER. . Gold Medal for Amateur Photographers. 2% DARLINGTON’S HANDBOOKS, yi eS ‘Sir Herry Ponsonby is commanded by the % Queen to thank Mr. Darlington for a copy of “a, his handbook." ‘Nothing better could be wished for.”— Britixh Weekly. 4s. each. “Far superior to ordinary guides.” —London Daily Chronicle, Illustrated. Maps by. JouN EarRtHOLoMeEW, F.R.G.S. The Vale of Llangollen. North Wales Co ast. Wight The Wye Valley. Llangollen: Darlington & Co. London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., Ltd. Aberystwith, Towyn and Barmouth. The Bournemouth & the New Forest. The Isle of The Channel Islands. The Severn Valley. OPTICAL LANTERN LECTURES, By RALPH DARLINGTON, F.R.G.S. My Travels in Egypt and Experiences on the Nile—150 Slides. My Travels in Greece. Turkey and Asia Minor—100 Slides. Across North Atrica——90 Slides. Pompeii. Past and Present, and the Bay of Naples—80 Slides. The Sights of Rome—50 Slides. Constantinople and its People. Prospectuses and Terms for Lectures on Application. R, DARLINGTON, Greenheys, Llangollen, North Wales.