The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (February 1897)

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vi. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. TEMPERANCE SLIDES A Visit to the Temperance Hospital. A Set of 24 Slides, illustrating the various interesting features of the Hospital and its work, from photographs specially prepared for this lecture. It includes views of the Exterior, the Children's Ward, the Surgical Ward, the Women's Wards, the Operating Theatre, the Kitchen, and various pleasing pictures of patients and nurses, together with portraits of the principal friends and workers connected with the Hospital, The Complete Set, with Reading, will be sent post free (10 Slides coloured, and 14 in rich monotint) for 355. Descriptive Lecture by Miss Orme, the Lady Superintendent, "=<* LECTURE SETS. A Temperance Journey Round the World. 50 Slides. Reading, 6d. The Temperance Picture Gallery. 40 Slidcs. Reading, 6d. The Little Captain. 24 Slides. Reading, 6d. Alcohol and the Human Body. 12 Slides Book, 2d. Abstinence and Hard Work. 12 Slides. Text Book, 6d. Anatomical Diagrams. Showing effects of Alcohol on Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Heart and Brain. 6 Slides (Coloured only). Text Book, 1d. POPULAR RECITATIONS. Two Pictures of Slavery. 5 Slides. Recitation, 4d. The Death of Prince William. 6 Slides. Recitation, rd. The Drover's Story. 4 Slides. Recitation, 4d. Smoking and Joking. 3 Slides (humorous). Recitation, 3d. judkins Fright. 4 Slides (humorous). Recitation 4d. only take alittle Wine. 6 Slides. Kkecitation, 4d. Dip your Roll in your own Pot? 5 Slides. Recitation 4d. What have you done to-day. 4 Slides. Recitation, 4d. Beware ofthe Trap. 4 Slides. Recitation, 4d. Jackand Jill. 2 Slides. Recitation, 4d. ILLUSTRATED HYMNS. Very superior, Each Slide contains a portion of the hymn, in large clear type, surrounded by an attractive tablet design and suitable pictures. Samson, the strongest man. 2 Slides. O, Thou whose chosen place of birth. 3 Slides. Sad is the drunkard'slife, Wasting in crime. 4 Slides. Friends of Temperance, welcome here. 2 Slides. How can he leavethem? 4 Slides. Look not upon the wine with its ruby glow. 3 Slides. Softly the drunkard’s wife breathes forth ber prayer. You're starting to-day on life’s journey. 3 Slides. Seek not the drink that brightiy glows. 2 Slides. The above Slides are prepared in a superior style, and published by the United Kingdom Band of Hope Union. Others in preparation. Slides issued by other firms can also be supplied. Plain, 12s., Well-coloured, 24s. per dozen. Packing and Postage extra, LANTERNS AND ACCESSORIES IN BEST QUALITY AT VERY REASONABLE PRICES. LANTERN SLIDES ON HIRE. Well-coloured Slides, acranged in sets, suitable for Complete Entertainments, with specially prepared readings and attractive titles. Sets of 50 and Upwards for 4/-, 86 for 8/-. May be sent Cheaply and Safely by Post. § PECIAL OFFER —With a view to encouraging Societies ® to hold a Series of Monthly Lantern Exhibitions during the winter season, any Society holding not lcss than SIX Exhibitions at the same place, between October rst and April 3oth, and hiring the Slides trom the United Kingdom Band of Hope Union, will be allowed to have THE SIXTH SET WITHOUT CHARGE for Hire. Each Hiring must amount to not less than 3/for the Slides. Full particulars on receipt of addressed Postal Wrapper. N.B.—Thce above prices are strictly Nett and for Cash with Order. They are for goods of THE BEST QUALITY ONLY, greatly superior to those sold and hired by other houses at lower rates. FOR FULL PARTICULARS, APPLY TO THE TRADE MANAGER, UNITED KINGDOM BAND oF HOPE UNION, 60, Old Bailey London, E.C. (Coloured only). Text 2 Slides. TYLAR’S NOVELTIES. THE PHOTO COLOURIST. Clear and concise practical ixsir xs for painting Lantern Slides. Post free, 7d. TYLAR'S LANTERN SLIDE PAINTS. Specially prepared as recommended by ihe azzker of the above. 3/-; Post Kee 3/3. THE PLEASURES OF A PIPE. Three studies from life. Always fetch the audience. free, 2/9. THE FIRST BICYCLE RIDE. Three studies from life. 2/6; post free, 29. THE FROG AND THE BOY. : The old fable reversed. A most amusing Set of S Slides. 5/-; post free, 5/6; or Colourcd, 8/6 post free. TYLARS LANTERNESCOPES. For viewing slidcs. giving an amount of relief approaching stereoscopic. Single lens, 12/6; donbie lens, 17/6. TYLAR’S BINDING STRIPS. Paper, 100 in Box, 1/-; post free, 1/2. Linen, so in Bos, 4/-; post free 1/2. Stick at once. No trouble. TYLARS LANTERN MATS. Thirty sizes, all hand-cut 1/per 100; post free, 1/2. Best made. 1 TYLARS “TIT-BIT” CAMERAS. 3-plate, 12/6; or leather covered, 15/-. Give beautiful results for Lantern Slide production. . TYLARS FLOWER STUDIES. Three charming Slides. Post free, 3/3. TYLAR'S SHELL STUDIES. Set of 3 Slides. Post free, 3/3 Groups of lovely foreign shells. TYLAR'S FRUIT STUDIES. Set of 3 Slides. Post free, 3;3. Fully-Illustrated Catalogue, post free, 4d. W. TYLAR, 41, High St., sinmincHam. ‘“ BONACCORD’” ACETYLENE _Gas Generators OPTICAL LANTERNS & STUDIO USE. jsueneucecancountracqacyeeyoccernecenseevnceennnapeaiecunccneag eee teeceecea cena a eect ceceE eb AEN «« Universal ’’ Science Optical Lanterns. Improved Hand Feed Arc Lamp. New Centering Tray. rorvusuetsevacenseuveoqeasatretanyec ceases caeeaneeennieesensaeieesanneenenaeerenaneaeesatyenenaneesenn tere 26; post New WRITE FOR PARTICULARS TO THE PATENTEES & MAKERS, A. & J. SMITH, 23 & 25, St. Nicholas Street, GX ABERDEEN, 2. NEW TWIN LENS CAMERA, 4-PLATE, 21S. EXTRA SLIDES, 8S. Every description of Optical and Scientific Instruments. Telegrams—'' SMITH, OPTICIANS, ABERDEEN."