The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (May 1898)

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USE LUMIERE'S sell ANI bet ull HAUFF'S DEVELOPERS, its co ary Yai oss SAY, Pm SECO Seat is Do EG?) <3 eRe SEE Se le ES sd SSAC " Gene Sonos EZ ZK EBS a OEMS a UP Urey Wau Gas Fup PS = WA Pas) io Sel, . THE OPTICAL . . ie CA | i ie Se 1) BARE READY END OF Say A MAGIC LANTERN JSOURNAXK And Photographic Qnlarger. A Magazine of Popular Science for the Lecture-Room and the Domestic Circle. WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED THE “LANTERN WORLD.” [Sea (Entered at Stationers’ Hall.] Vol. 9.—No. 108. MAY, 1898. Price 2d., Post Free 3d. CINEM ATOG RAF P H. IMAGE WHEN CLOSE To screen. crise oeriniTion. LENSES “OPTIMUS” MAGIC LANTERNS s'e° ros DRAWING ROOM *° LECTURE HALL. Limelight may be adapted without aiteration at an extva cost of 168., or tn lieu of Lamp, Ts. 6a. extra. ft FEach Magic Lantern is efficient for Exhibitions. The Lens gives crisp definition, being a superior Achromatic Photo raphic Combinat: on with rack and. Pinion. It is fitted to a telescopic lengthening tube, so gaining increased focal accommodation. The Condenser is composed of two plano-convex lens of 4 inches diameter. The refulgent lainp has three wicks, yielding a brilliantly illuminated picture. Eachis complete in Box. LANTERN PHOTOS. | Plain 1/| Coloured 1/6 'All Accessories at ga v i . a | reasonable prices Se Mahogany outside Perf . 1 PeU Superior Japanned Body, Ja rT ; erforated Russian | Mahogany Body, 4 , Japannec Russian Iron Body, H : Lec! Metal Body, Metal Staves, and | Brass Sliding Tubes. rae tice’ «= CATALOGUE _Brass Stage and Sliding Tubes. : 8 . POST FREE. Sliding Tubes. FILMS! MACHINES! "oi txavann. ap Lumiere Films. —/ 100 ENGLISH SUBJECTS, 380/Each Jew JUBILEE FILMS .2 + ehON KAS GRAECO-TURKISH WAR FILMS << #2 & Lists on Fil PASSION PLAY .Application. | TLS. CHARLES I. TAKING LEAVE OF HIS FAMILY SOXRG? NIGHTMARE, HAUNTED CASTLE, Ete. LATEST FILMS:—" Death of Nelson” (a#S8Sanration — Tadian Mutiny. Latest Machine for Projection Now Ready. Entertainments Supplied. 9 & 10, _ Séuthampton Street, PHILIPP WOLFF High Holborn, W.C. 5 BERLIN: 5, Jerusalemer St. PARIS: 32, Rue le Peletier. USE LUMIERE’S CINEMATOGRAPH. SOLE AGENTS:—FUERST BROS., 17, PHILPOT LANE, E.C. PERKEN, SON & RAYMENT, “sis ss: LONDON. ‘OPTIMUS.’ FOR 1898-99.