The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (May 1898)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. Vv. photographic slides, depicting the War in Cuba, and the accident to the ‘‘ Maine.” ~ IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. -~ By the enterprise of our New York house, we are enabled to offer lecturers in this country a fine series of With the exception of some half dozen subjects—mostly portraits—all the slides are from negatives taken on the spot, and in the possession of our New York house, and afford an example of enterprise which is without precedent in connection with the Optical Lantern. The negatives of U.S. battleships are also very fine, and of great interest at this juncture. The slides are sold without OnACOaVQueunn HH ne 4t 42 43 44 45 Ht OO DI QUeAWA” life:Model hantern Slides, ILLUSTRATED SONGS, Etc. The Largest Producer of Life Model Slides Detailed Catalogue, 186 pages, post free 6d. Slides made from customer's negatives by a Special Wet Collodion process, giving good results even from the weakest film ONE SHILLING EACH any increase in price. (PLAIN), And may be had from any dealer, or from the owners of the negatives :— RILEY BROS., 55-57, Godwin St., Bradford, Yorks. And 16, BEEKMAN STREET, NEW YORK CITY. LIST OF SLIDES. CUBA AND THE CUBAN WAR, THE CISASTER TO THE BATTLESHIP “MAINE.” INCLUDING THRE DISASTER TO THE Map of Cuba. i 16 Cuban and Spanish flags. ar Havana. General view. Havana. The Cathedral, 18 Havana. Residence of the Archbishop. Havana. Tomb of Columbus. 19 Havana. Morro Fort from the sea. 20 General Antonio Maceo. | General Maximo Gomez. i 22 General Calixto Garcia, General Martinez Campos. 22 General Weyler. Railway Tender conveying soldiers to 23 the relief of Jaruca. 24 After the sacking of Jaruca. 25 San Cristobal. Shelter built in vacant | 26 lot. | 27 U.S. Battleship ‘‘ Maine.” 48 The day after the explosion. 49 Another view. 50 Another view. 5I Burying the dead, Havana, showing 52 Capt. Sigsbee, General Iee, and 53 others. ‘4 Diver Schluter preparing to go down. 55 Divers at the rear of the ship. | UNITED U.S S. “ Atlanta." ees = “ Bancroft.” 12 a “ Bennington.” i 33 es “ Baltimore.” I4 ; “ Boston.” 15 » “ Cushing.” 16 is “ Concord.” 17 “ Chicago.” 1 8 ‘a “ Cincinnati.” 19 a “Charleston.” 20 San Cristobal. Shclter in streets. San Cristobal. Spanish Volunteers defending the town. ' San Cristobal. People living under a tree. San Cristobal. Houses of Refuge. San Cristobal. Spot where the students were massacred. Harquin. A Spanish soldier and alleged assassin. Santa Clara. Streets which have not been paved for 25 years. Santa Clara. Barricaded streets. Santa Clara. Fence across the street. Guanabacoa. Barricaded street. San Juan de los Pecrros. General view. San Juan. After the burning. Col. Divers going down the ladder. Wrecking tug and tender. Consul General Lee. Consul Lee in boat, Havana harbour. Capt. Siysbee boarding the “ Fern.” Officers on main deck. Ruins of main deck. 1o-in. battered powder cases, showing eftects of outside explosion. 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 30 37 38 39 40 56 57 58 59 60 San Juan. The Fort. San Juan. After the raid. San Juan. The ruins. A sleeping soldier. La Cruces. Soldiers at rest. An hour's pastime. Back of the trenches at Artemesia. Soldier equipped. Soldiers eating breakfast. Spanish Guerilla force. Train stopping at burning bridge. Machinery destroyed by insurgents because owner would not pay his taxes. Ruined church at Pelanos, now used as Heliographic Tower. General Bazan and Staff. Matanzas. °<SMAINE.°® G-in. battered powder cases, showing rupture from pressure on ends. Dead bodies floating in the bay (a snap shot). Putting dead bodies in coffins. Wounded ‘‘ Maine” sailors on the steps of the Marine hospital, Key West. President McKinley. STATES BATTLESHIPS. U.S.S. ' Columbia.” ‘8 “Dolphin.” on “Towa.” rn ‘ Indiana.” 3 “Indiana.” “ Katahdin.” 7 “ Marblehead.” e “ Miantonomah.” i “ Minneapolis.” fr “ New York.” Deck view. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 U.S.S. Newark,” i “ Petrel.” of “ Philadelphia.” * ‘San Francisco.” oe ‘*San Francisco.” Deck view. ‘is “Texas.” oe “ Vesuvius.” FA “ Yorktown." i “Yorktown.” Deck view. BAMFORTH’S | C. W. LOCKE, MAKER OF High-class Optical Lanterns AND ALL ACCESSORIES. in the World. ialities.—-Locke’s Patent High-power Mixed Gas Specialities, Jets; Locke's Improved High-power Blow-through Jets; Screw-down Valves for Jets, Etc. negatives. Send negative for sample slide and terms gratis. JAMES BAMFORTH, STATION ROAD, HOLMFIRTH: YORKSHIRE. —$ Office and Works— 244, Tottenham Gourt Road, London, W.