The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (January 1900)

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2 7 The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. Change of Address.—We note that Mr. Philipp Wolff, the well-known dealer in cinematographic pictures, has removed from Southampton Street, Holborn, to 46, Strand, W.C. nad bead ~ Calcium Carbide Explosion.—On Novem ber 6th occurred an explosion of a calcium : carbide furnace in the Dominion Carbide Gas © Works near Ottawa. There was a fire in the neighbourhood at the time, and the water flowed down into the carbide furnace. As a result the whole furnace blew up, injuring 15 men. The carbide flew in chunks about the | size of a man’s fist, but one mass of carbide weighing a thousand pounds was blown through one of the factory doors. Eye witnesses of the catastrophe state that as the explosion occurred the building was filled with flames as well as smoke and the fumes of the carbide, and the ‘ people were almost overpowered. The fumes were so strong that the whole vicinity of the factory smelled strongly of the gas. to the Ratlway Review, the force of the explosion was felt all over the vicinity. ~ baad baad ‘The Absent-Minded Beggar’ Slides.— A set of nine slides to illustrate Mr. Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘‘ The Absent-Minded Beggar,” has been introduced by Riley Brothers, Limited, of Bradford. bead ad > Acetylene Installation.—A town (TataTovaros) in Hungary, of 12,000 inhabitants, : has adopted acetylene for illuminating purposes. The generating plant is contained in a building 26 feet by 13 feet, and consists of practically two plants which can be used either alternately or together. Gas which is generated by carbide falling into the water passes through a coiled cooler and a chemical purifier, and into two gasometers, thence through drying cylinders into a pressure regulator and into the main for distribution. There are about 5 miles of piping, 160 street lamps, and about 300 house burners. The whole plant and piping, which cost about £3,500, only requires the services of two men to keep it in operation. ~ ~ > : | Kodak. — Kodak (Limited) announce a | dividend of 14 per cent. on the Preference issue, making 6 per cent. for the year ending the 31st ult., and an interim payment of 23 per cent. on the Ordinary shares, both payable on and after January Ist. \ According | A Lanternist’s Creed. pe Rev. C. H. Woolston, of the } East Baptist Church, Philadelphia, U.S.A., has formulated the following lantern Creed, after 13 years of illustrated work. He states :— I BELIEVE: In the sacred use of the Lantern. The Lantern has come to stay. An ounce of picture is worth a ton of talk. pepo Sound often goea in one ear and out the other, but a picture never goes in one eye and out the other. Solomon said: ‘‘The hearing ear and seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them.’'—Prov. xx., 12. I believe in using them both, and the Lantern is my agent. on 6. The Old Testament ‘' Rainbow ” was a picture on the sky—the first Lantern slide. 7. That when Abraham was shown the stars, and told to count them, that the Lord was reaching his heart by the eye gate and ear gate combined—this ia all the Lantern will do. It was good enough for Abraham, it ie good enough for me. S. That on the third day the Lord came down in sight of all the people upon Mt. Sinai—It was a picture of light and fire—and the Lantern makes shining the truth—‘‘in sight of all the people.” 9. It brings the children to church, and they understand the truth. 10. It helps the believer; catches the eye and heart of the unsaved. 11. Itis God's work in God's way. Come and see. Cc. H. WOOLSTON. Every Sunday evening lantern services are held here, and on other evenings concerts and lectures are given in a special lecture room adjoining the church. The former has seating capacity for 500, and the latter, which is a handsome building, contains 946 assembly chairs, and is illuminated by 169 electric lamps. The following invitation, which is sent out by this church, may perhaps appear a little odd to people in England :-— “Tf your Church is closed, come with us. « We would like to “C.U.B.A. ‘Member of the congregation.”