The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (January 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. iii. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. PROFESSIONAL lanternist and cinematographist A of great experience is open to engagements, with or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal. —Addrese, Optics, 13, York-street, Walworth, London. UNIQUE collection of about 2,000 coloured slides, including views of Palestine, South America, London, Paris, Italy, Spain, Egypt, etc., etc., many having cost a guinea each; alsoa number of cinematograph films, good subjects, condition almost as new. end reasonable offer to S. T.,c/o R. Cuthbert, Huddersfield. ‘ \ J ANTED, bi-unial lantern, highest class only, with large diameter, long focus lenses; must be cheap. —Particulars to Bi-unial, c/o OpricaL LANTERN JOURNAL OTICE to Exhibitors.—Wilkinson & Company, the old-established slide painters, are open to colour plain photo slides in superior manner, suitable lime or electric light. Collodion wet plate workers; negatives, positives, etc., made.—15, Holmeside, Sunderland. Established 1859. LIDES gratis.—To lanternists williug to accept them, Peek, Frean & Co., the biscuit manufacturers. Drummond-road, London, S.E., are prepared to lend without charge and to send post free, a set cf four coloured magic lantern | slides representing four of their advertisement pictures. \ J ANTED, 20 feet Brin’s oxygen cylinder; in perfect order; cheap; also injector jet.—Williame, Knaresborough House, Earl's Court. Geen arr tren coloured slides; 24 Christ's Life, 9 Star of Bethlehem, 4 Holy City, 7 Better Tiand, 5 Green Hill, 3 Ora Pro Nobis; price 5d. each.— Hughes, 72, Biddulph-street, Highfields, Leicester. THE TRANSVAAL AND THE ANDSOME bi-unial lantern ; triple condensers, four seta lenses, powerful jets, duplex regulators, gauges, 16 feet sheet, and about 80 first quality hand drawn and painted slides and mechanical « ffects; may be seen any afternoon ; will sell cheap or let out on hire. —E. G. Thorne, 32, Brook-street, Kennington, S.E. INEMATOGRAPH filma, second-hand, good subjects, first-rate condition: bargains; list free. Also a Paul cinematograph with lantern complete on tripod, £6.—Morley, S, Liverpool-street, King's Cross, London. RANSVAAL War.—50 photographic slides, 303. ; several aets, best hand painted; life model slicer, 9s. dozen; 24 comic moving slides, 6s.: lecturer’s lantern, 15s —Lewis Forbes, Hounslow, OWERGUL bi-unial lantern complete; two 40 feet oxygen cylinders, two Beard’s regulators and gauge, 20 feet eheet; cost £24; sell £10 lot or separate.— Fred Hulse, Studio, Longton. l PHOTOGRAPHIC slides of the present war, 4d. each ; send for list; approval.—Roland, 61, Capworth-street, Levton, London, E. WAR. OPTICAL LANTERNS AND SLIDES OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY ONLY. THE TRANSVAAL AND THE WAR. EACH. 175. “ Three Cheers for the Queen "— Her Majesty inspecting Household Brigade at Windsor. 76, Right Hon. Cecil Rhodes. PLAIN SLIDES is. 56. General Piet Joubert. 57. Boer surprising a British Pro| vision Train. 5k. Ladysmith Camp —Serving ont LIST OF NEW SLIDES For Season 1899-1900. Alice Through the Looking Glass. Animals and Birds from Life. By R. B. Rations to Men of the Rorder | 77. Sir Alfred Milner. Lod E Mounted Rifles. 78. Lient.-Gen. Lord Methuen, C.B., 0 ge, sq. . 59. Pietermaritzburg—General View. commanding the Ist Division in Astronomical Work Physics 60. Boe Prisoners on the way to South Africa. Observatory. jetermaritzburg. 79. Difliculties of Transport—Field . ‘ . 61. Hussar Advance Guard discoverRattery fording River in Flood. Australia. Up Country Scenes. ing the Fnemy. : 80. Battle of Klandslaagte—Tending Belgium. . 62. vere eo Rifles with their nae oe a une Tee Burmah and Burmese Life. un Detachment. | 81. Bringin -oundec pack into ; . ; 63, Naval Brigade passing through |! Ladysmith, Butterflies from Life. Ladysmith. 82. British Soldiers taking cover on Canterbury City and Cathedral. 64. Troops on the way to Elandsthe Veldt. China and Chinese Life. laagte. 83. Milton Prior's Sketch of the yl +i + 65. The Gordons march to the Rattle; Rattle of Ladysmith. Elements of Agriculture. field of Elandslaagte. 84. Battle of Lombard’s Kop, October Flowers. 3 66. Ambulance Waggon on the way 30th—Sir George White and Statt Lang's Fairy Tales. to Flandslaagte. under Fire. iy oO. 87. Enemy's Shell bursting by Gen. 85, Battle of Rietfontein—Boer Shell saree joe White. bursting among the Lancers. eteorology. : . 68. Devons, Manchesters,andGordons | 86. Battle of Rictfontein —In the Pictures from National and Tate Galleries. ene the ae Guns. nived Firing Line. South Africa. 69. Advance of Gordons at Elands&7. A Veterinary Corporal of sth : zy Ves gst laaste, : Lancers spearing two Boers with Stations of the Cross from Wood Carvinge. 70. Charge of 5th Lancers at Elands: one thrust. St. Paul’s Cathedral. aa aes 88. Colonel Baden Powell's answer to Thames, The River. 71. C Squadron of 5 zancers among ommandant Cronje’s demand j 's S the Boers, for the surrender of Mafeking, The Life of the Wheat Plant from Seed to 72. Tapping the Telegraph Wires and | 89. The LeicestershireRegiment being . Seed. Telephoning to Ladysmith. i shelled on retiring towards Wireless Telegraphy. 73. Charge of Cavalry at Bester's Ladysmith. Farm. 90. A Native Runner with Despatches ——S 74. 10th Hussars steaming out of for Ladysmith. Liverpool on Board the “Colum| bian,” November 5th. This List will be added to. NEw New Detailed Ilustrated Catalogue of Lanterns and Slides, 6 stamps. NEWTON & Co., 3, Fleet St., LONDON. SERIEs. PHOTOMICROGRAPHS. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.