The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (January 1900)

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xiv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. J. H. STEWARD'S OPTIGAL LANTERNS 3-Wiek 4Inch With ELECTRIC LIGHT, LIMELIGHT, or OIL LAMPS Lanterns, from OF BEST CONSTRUCTION. £1 2s. 6d. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS, Post Free. THE DAVENPORT-STEWARD ARC LAMP Is Steady, Cool, Brilliant, and j@ has Every Adjustment. For Direct z or . Alternating > Currents. = NEW “SERIES” ‘OF SOUTH AFRICAN VIEWS, Embracing many of the places of interest affected by the present War in Cape Colony, Rhodesia, and Natal. List of 58 Subjects, including Mafeking, Aliwal North, range River Bridge, Colesberg, and Bulawayo. Post Free. Photographs from Nature, 1s. each; Coloured, 28. 6d. each. DAVENPORT: STEWARD PATENT ARG LAMP. Published as faiern Slides by the Authority of the Cape Government Railways. Universal Pattern, £5 5s. 406, STRAND; 457, WEST STRAND; 7, es ST., LONDON. Regt 30/ BEST FOR BEST FOR Cinematographs. OPTICAL LANTERNS. Safety Gauge = OPERATORS. —~ nsf A Staff of Experienced Hands always available for Cinematograph, Lantern, : or Limelight Work, with or without Apparatus. Cylinders filled with : the Richest Oxygen = made from Chlorate| C!INEMATOGRAPH EXHIBITIONS A SPECIALITY. of Potash. —s; Hundreds of Films in Stock. w= III IPIIIAILAAALL LALA Lh hhh hhh hh hh hhh hhh hahahahahaha A. CLARKSON & CO., PManceacturers, 28, BARTLETT'S BUILDINGS, HOLBORN CIRCUS, LONDON,"E.C. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers,