The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (January 1900)

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secrion || Fie3 INVERTED ||| | is fixed another block 3 (Fig. III.) bearing a The operator will of course see to it that there small pin which is bent slightly upwards. is not a monotonous recurrence of the same A variety of figures as in Figs. IV. and V., are figure, or a regular to and fro motion. He might now cut out of any material—cardboard, tin, at one time make three or four pass across the etc., and a small hole is pierced in the bottom screen in one direction, and only one in the of each. opposite. If it is desired to make a figure go in These figures are hung one by one on the pin | both directions, it is simply reversed on the pin. $i4 Fic. 4. CHARACTERS fastened in the block 3, and the sliding glass / A great variation may be introduced by using then moved slowly along. figures cut out of celiuloid, and coloured with The figure will pass in front of the carriage | the paints supplied for lantern slides. It is, in window in quite a life-like manner. fact, advisable to have such a variety of figures, When it hag passed right through the frameas the effect is very pleasing. It will be under FIG. 3S. CHARACTERS work this figure is taken off, another substituted | stood that when such a figure as B (Fig. IV.) and the glass then drawn back. passes along, every part of his body will be Care must of course be exercised that the | seen as he is in the background. He must, figures are so placed in position that they will | therefore, be cut out of celluloid, and a be facing the right way when they are | piece left at the extreme end for hanging apparently walking along in front of the window, | purposes. The figure itself will of course be for it would rather spoil the effect to see a man | blacked or coloured, the remaining part m being walking backwards. left clear.