The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (January 1900)

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xvi. The Opti cal Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. JHE “CUBIQUE” ACETYLENE LAMP Self-Acting. LAMPE CUBIQUE PORTATIVE BY SGDG L LEMENT s GILMER PARIS Free from Danger. (PATENT.) No Smell. FITS ALL OPTIGAL LANTERNS. SUPERSEDES PARAFFIN OIL LAMPS: (1) As a Superior Illuminant. (2) For Simplicity of Working. The Carbide Chambers take to pieces for Thorough Cleansing. Works for an hour and a half. Manufactured by the Patentees, ~ GLEMENT & GILMER, 140, Faubourg St. Martin, PARIS. NEW PATTERN LANTERN, i l me aT na In Japanned Tin with 4 inch Condenser, Double Achromatic Front Lens with Shutter, and 3-wick sas nee in Case Ditto, 24/35/ do., but in Russian Iron TO THE TRADE. Special Terms on the NOAKES' INTERMEDIATE REGULATING TAP for JETS. NOAKES & NORMAN, 23, Nelson St., Greenwich, S.E. WILLIAMSON’S (reno Film Works, — _PRIGH TON: , a | ppav ING now CRS TELEGRAMS ; “FILMS, BRIGHTON.” greatly increased facilities in ===! larger premises, improved machinery, and a staff of assistants trained to the work, J. WILLIAMSON is prepared to develop and | print for the trade in any uantity, and to TRIAL ORDER y SOLICITED. Guarantee the — Tllusteated Tis of Je on Pppicatons PARANA ANY AN PosTAL ADDRESS: 55, WESTERN RD., HOVE. BRIGHTON. No connection with any other firm in Brighton or Londen. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.