The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger YORK & SON, SPECIAL. , a —— The Larliest and Largest Optical Lanterns, with 4 inch Compound Condensers and ~hree-wick Lamps, 22/-; with Four-Wick Lamps, 24/-. Hand Producers of DZantern l{deS. | painted slides from 44.; Splendidly coloured 32 by 3} Slides in sets of 12, price 2/6 per set; or four sets for 9/6. Full-sized Changing Comic Slipping Slides, in mahogany frames, Td. tion Slides from 1/6 each. CRTALOGUE ON RECEIPT OF BUSINESS CARD, | Saciwor”'Sitdes (nctudine chromatrapesy 2 each. Bes quality double motion Interchangeable Chromatropes, —e_ 4/3; extra piace from 6d. per Lapa 7 Se double-carrier +s Frames, from 1/each. Slides for small Lanterns from 5d. per Indents can be sent through all Shipping Houses. dosen. New Catalogue gratis and post free. ROBERT H. CLARK, YORK & SON, Wholesale Optician, 67, Lancaster Koad, Notting Hill, London, W. ROYSTON, HERTS. .. ASK YOUR DEALERS FOR... “Trilby” Diamond Hard Limes. THEY ARE GUARANTEED THOROUGHLY RELIABLE IN USE WITH ANY HIGH-PRESSURE JET. Read what that Premier Cinematographist, CECIL M. HEPWORTH, Esq., says about them :— . “Your ‘Trilby’ Diamond Hard Limes are uniformly excellent quality, well turned, and of such substance as to give a brilliant light without undue pitting, and they do not crack or fall to pieces. ‘«] used them afternoon and evening during a week’s tour in Devonshire, and again for eight consecutive days at the Photographic Exhibition at the Portman Rooms. On both occasions they gave full satisfaction.” . WHOLESALE DEALERS ARE ALONE SUPPLIED DIRECT FROM THE SOLE MANUFACTURERS W.H. Assender & Co., Ltd., Forest Hill, London. WHOLESALE AGENTS W. Butcher & Son, Blackheath. AND ALL HIGH-CLASS DEALERS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE. IMPORTANT <2 LIMELIGHT USERS! | TE. \ Art Historical PICTURES OF : LANTERN SLIDES. Durer, Quer 2,000 Subjects. “6X BORLAND’S KX PATENT SCISSORS ARG LAMPS Direct and Alternating Currents. Van Dyk, Hals, Holbein, Mich. Angelo L ASK FOR CATALOGUE. : oo Millet, eoe Made in Three Types ° il DISCOUNT TO Hand Feeding. SLIDE Murillo, THE TRADE. Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Self-Striking & Hand E ie Mark 1.20. The "Dot." The only asstomatic Arc Lamp in the All market which fits all ordinary Optical Lanterns on made from the wv Slides are i the limelight t ith * the limelight tay without 1 6 RB IGINAL Teniers, NEGATIVES Velasquez, Invaluable for Theatrical Purposes, Lantern Projections, Enlarging, by the * 4 EE aee SEE Fine Art Establishment os eine Watteau, AND | MANY OTHERS. F. J. BORLAND, Ed. Liesegang, Dusseldorf -exjjze Sheepscar Grove, LEEDS. EsTaBLISHED 1854. [GurMany.] of Braun, Clément & Co. Prices, Particulars, and Testimonials free on application to— SOLE AGENT: Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.