The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1900)

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THE “‘NEW UNIVERSAL” ELECTRIC ARC LAMP. (Hanp-FEEp.) The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. iii. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. RAND new effect sets in finest work; new designs, new movements, novel and startling changes; send for lists. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. pe iuxhivition, illustrated by an entirely new series of seventy recent photographs; send for list.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. pe Exhibition—Le Chateau d'Kau, showing this marvellous building by day, by dark night, and grand effect of illuminations by night; a realistic and beautiful effect.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. t Bahay de la Lumiere by day, night, and very powerful effect to illuminate building and show reflections in the water; a beautiful scene; send for lists. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ONT Atexandre, showing this splendid architectural work by day, by dark night, and with burst of moonlight, to illuminate all prominent points on the structure; novel and striking —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. A Rue des Nations, a perspective of palaces by day, afterwards by night, with effect of the whole of the buildings illuminated and rippling reflections in the water ; a fairy-like ecene, extremely effective; send for lists.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as helow. OLR War effect; sets as before; sorties from ladysmith; naval gun at Ladysmith; Baden-Powell at Mafeking; Buller crossing the Tugela at Potgieter’s Drift; signalling with Ladysmith by searchlig¢ht.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. Woe genre studies; many prize medals; the finest series of flower studies in existence; beautifully worked up in colours; snow scenes, cloud studies; all in the finest work, at ordinary prices; lists free.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as helow. ee H. WILKIE desires it to be distinctly understood that these effects are produced by the identical artists who formerly painted the grand dioramio and mechaoical effects for which the late Royal Polytechnic was so celebrated; no trouble or expense is spared in their preparation, and at the present time their value to public exhibitors cannot be exaggerated; send for list of effects Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. \PECIAL effects for single lanterns.—Kdmund H Wilkie, as below. * (JOLAR” mixed gas high-power jet, the ideal lantern Jet, the most powerful and perfect jet yet produced for use in single, bi-unial or triple lanterns ; send for illustrated descriptive circular—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. pee worked up in oil colour, water colour, pure varnish culours, or by the beautiful American process at most reasonable prices; the beet work only; slides prepared by photography or hand painting from negatives, drawings, prints from nature, or from written or verbal description; every class of mechanical movement supplied or invented for special purposes ; eee testimonials. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. \ \ J ILKIE’S improved triple and other lanterns, the results of a quarter of a centurv’s practical experience ; send for illussrated descriptive pamphlet. — Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ILKIK’S “ Solar" flint limes are made with the greatest care, are accurately turned and drilled, and composed of selected magnesian limestone; the finest extant; ordinary size 2s. 9d. per dozen, post free; large size, 1} inches in diameter, a noble lime, per half dozen, 28. 3d. post free, packed in air-tight tins; lanternists once using these magnificent limes will use no other.—Edmund H. Wilkie, 114, May grove-road, West Hampstead. London. ELECTRIC LAMPS AND FITTINGS FOR OPTICAL LANTERNS. (PATENT.) IIIustrated Catalogue TABLE RESISTANCE FOR ARC LAMPS. One, Two or THREE Bossins. THE ‘‘ NEWTONIAN ” ELECTRIC ARC LAMP. (Major HoLnen's PaTENT.) “A” PATTERN, of Lanterns and Slides, Six Stamps. an NEWTON & C0., Opticians, 3, FLEET STREET, LONDON. os I