The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1900)

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iv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS.— Continued ee ee J. BONNEVILLE, PROFESSIONAL lanternist and cinematographist . . 7 A _ of great experience is open to engagements, with | Maker of Limelight Apparatus. or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal. | peaatieds Gone ree —Address, Optics, 13, York-street, Walworth, London. 1 Blow-through Jets from 7/6, Mixed Jets from 8/6. We complete sets of lantern slides, second, E ll ‘tothe ‘Bast hand, in good condition for hiring out trade.— ; ASE tO ENE vest: Address, Optical, c/o Oprican Lantern JOURNAL. ANTED, addresses of lantern slide makers, good | orders can be placed.—Lists, etc., to Slides, c/o | OpticaL LANTERN JOURNAL. H OLOURED slides ; 50 Japan, 20s.; 50 Switzerland, 18s. ; 26 Life of Christ, 153. ; 24 China, 103.;9S of Bethlehem, Lee -Lechiver, ole Mr. Bore, “Tea 208, ST. JOHN STREET, CLERKENWELL, E.C. Park Schools, Ormskirk. & MISCELLANEOUS shies, micely coloured, Dissolving View Magic Lanterns and Slides AD humorous, etc., 123. 64.; cinematogzraph films, . . 7 Photographic Apparatus, Scientific Instruments and_ every Buller embarking, 123. 6d., also others ; cheap.— Heaton, description of miscellaneous property. West-street, Blackpool. = R. J.C, STEVENS begs to announce that he holds Sales of the 60 ROUND the World and lecture, 25s.; coloured | Repairs to Lanterns and Cinematographs. Wheel cutting for Cinematographs and other purposes. : above, every Friday, at half-past twelve precisely, at his great slides, il'ustratiog Europe, America, Australia, ‘ Rooms, 38, King Street, Covent Garden, London. China, and Japan ; 50 South Africa, 20s. ; cinematograph , Gentlemen wishing so include property in these Sales ave requested to films, 20a, 2ach.— Hughes, 72, Biddulph-street, Leicester. | send particulars one week prior to sale, Bee new outfit complete with lantern, films, extra spools, dishes, etc., except tripod, in leather SANDS, HUNTER & Co., and wood cases; open to good cash offer.—Baruch Prater, Worthing. sor eae dkiein iG nag, , Plotographic Apparatus and Lanterns, TT put on rail free. Baruch Bicker. Worthing > | NEW AND SECOND HAND, BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. F : : Lanterns and Operator let out for evening enterNOR sale, cheap, splendid set 130 New Zealand slides, me : lk reading if desired ; owner returning to colony ; full tainments for children, &c. Terms Moderate. particulars on application.— Wood, Crofts, Nantwich. 20, Oranbourne St., Leicester Square, London, W.O. ONLY G/m PER DOZ. OU should make a selection from the following List of Beautifully Coloured Slides, which will be offered, for a limited period only, at 6s. per doz., postage 3d. extra; or the complete Set of 50 for 24s., post free. These are all first-class Slides, artistically coloured, and can be made into Sets admirably suited for concluding an exhibition. LIST OF SLIDES. 1. Roses, red. 15. Poppies & Cornflowers. , 26. Kleymore Castle. , 38. Giessbach Falls. 2 » yellow. _ 16. Fruit. 27. Tower of London. ! 39. The Alpine Horn. 3 » Mixed. l 17 4, No.2. | 28. St. Paul's. 40. On Lake Lucerne. 4 » _ blush, | 18. The Light ofthe World. | 29. Westminster Abbey. | 41. Among the Primroses. 5. Cornflowers. | 1g. Guardian Angel 30. Disappointed. { 42. Coming thro’ the 6. Iris, white. zo. Christ Blessing the | 31. A Rushing Stream. | Rye. 7.» coloured. Children. 32. Old House, Shanklin. | 43. Shadows. 8. Sweet Peas. 21. The Good Samaritan. 33A Rural Spot. 44. Our Tom. g. Shirley Poppies. 22. Joseph and_ his | 34. Mountain, Valley, and | 45. The Stone Breaker. to. Gladioli. Brethren. I Stream. 46. A Peep in Cornwall. 11. Marguerites, ' 23. The Pharisee and © 35. The Staubbach Falls. 47. Bonchurch Church. 12. Carnations. | Publican. 36. An Interesting Story. 48. Here we are Again. 13. Orchids. ' 24. Tintern Abbey. 37. Old Roman Bridges, | 49. The Last Sheaf. 14. Poppies and Corn. | 25. Big Ben. Dorset. 50. Fishener Bridge. «= All Orders must be accompanied by Postal Order (not Stamps), and will be executed in stvict rotation. FREDERICK J. STEDMAN, Lantern Slide Maker and Colourist, 11, Rose Terrace, Surrey Lane, Battersea Park, London, S.W. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers,