The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1900)

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WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED THE ‘‘LANTERN WORLD.” OCTOBER, 1900. Price 2d., Post-fvee 3d. Vol. 11.—No. 137. CONTENTS. PAGE Notes ‘ 117 The Total Felipse of the Sun (28th “May, 1900)" ‘and its Photographic Results .. .. 119 Temperance Teaching by Means of the Optical ‘Lantern .. 120 A New Use for the Cinematograph aie. tee ek ere a Shadowgram or Silhouette Slides.— No. XIX. I) ol) fl i) 14 The Lantern in Business 125 The Relation of Man to the Optical System of the Human Life of the Universe .. . . 127 Platform Foodstuffs . Sa, ter ele: car ee, ae LRT A Cheap and Effective Lantern Stand Be ods vee oe ome: cee LS, An Impromptu Show... jes Bis Atérm” Feces ayer, vole hoo) A Model Workshop .. 2. ee 0. ee ee ee ee we ee ee UBL New Apparatus 2.0 6.06. 6. ee lee ee ee ee ee ve 132 Patent Intelligence .. 1. 6. 1. we ee ee ee ee ee ee 185 Notes and Queries .. .. .. Hex Ber sea: GS Ray wee “SEBO NOTICES. Tue Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger is isaued on the 1st of every month, price Two Pence, and may be obtained from all Newsvendors, Railway News Stalls, Photographic Dealers, or from the Publishers, at the following rates, post free :— 12 months, 3/-. United States, 75 cents. ExcHancE Column, General Wants, &c. (not Trade)— First 20 words, 6d.; and for every 3 additional words, ld. “SMALL ADVERTISEMENTS must reach the office not later than the first post on the 24th of each month. All cheques and postal orders to be made payable to the Magic Lantern Journal Company, Limited. EvDITORIAL communications must be addressed, J. HAY TAYLOR, Advertisements and business communications to THE MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL COMPANY, Limited, 9, Carthusian Street, London, E.C. American Agents:—The International News Co., 83 and 85, Duane Street, New York City. Royal Photographic Society.—The usual soirée to mark the opening of the annual exhibition of this society was held at the New Gallery, 121, Regent Street, W., on the 29th ult., at which a large number of guests were present. On the lst inst. it will be open to the public for five weeks. Several lantern exhibitions will be given during stated evenings, and on the opening night Mr. A. L. Henderson will exhibit his interesting series of slides of Bordighera. , = & = Recruiting by Means of the Lantern.— The lantern has been taken up by the War Office as an aid to getting recruits. A series of cinematographic views have been prepared illustrative of the life of a soldier from the raw recruit to the perfect soldier living a life of ease. Exhibitions are to be given permanently in a hall in London, and recruiting sergeants will be on hand to attend to the wants of those who wish to join the ranks. Several touring companies are to be despatched throughout the provinces, with a recruiting sergeant on eet staff of each company.