The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. iii. AUL'S animatograph for sale, with long and short GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS, P focus lensea (Wray’s), Edison gauge, complete with tripod, mixed jet and rewinder; what offers ? CineA , : matograph to fit on baseboard of any lantern, 3-inch of great experience is open to engagements, with | objective, Edison gauge ; cost £9 93. ; what offers? Films, or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on | 17 cinematograph, Mdison gauge; what offers ? -Chaplin, very moderate terms. Reference, Hditor of this Journal. | Brodie-road, Guildford. —Address, Optics, 13, York-street, Walworth, London. PROFESSIONAL lanternist and cinematographist F WO iron lined theatrical limehgnt boxes, each TED lete sets of lantern slides, d: F ’ ner ii pact condition for hiring aut ede complete on stand with 6-inch piano-convex lens, Address Optical c/o OPTICAL LANTERN JOURNAL . revolving disc with four coloured mediums and blow’ ’ 7 * through jet, also two quick changing carriera for ANTED, addressea of lantern slide makers; good | above, and 10 coloured mediums, #5 103. ; injector mixed orders can be placed.—Lists, etc., to Slides, c/o | jet, 25s.—W. Baynes, Braganza, Torquay. OpricaL LanTERN JOURNAL. GEE ay ie: Fines : 7 ora = : : works for sale, fitted complete with large OLOURED photographic slides —24 Latest Boer OC Tangye gas engine, lathes, drilling machines, War, 10s.; 24 China events, 10s.; 9 Star of | circular and grooving saws, metal cutting and stamping Bethlehem, 4s.; 4 Holy City, 1s. 9d.; 9 To the Front, | jresses, electric light throughout from own dynamo; 4s. 6d.; 14 Lads of the red, white, and blue, | three valuable patents, now successfully on the market, eT ste fhe old, pene oa ea Sala owner retiring from the photo trade ; full particulars, etc., ‘e ' » 28. 6d. ; ’ ani iis, 719 Gb. Paulie life, 6a". Jones, 45, ‘Boschwood. from F. W. Hudlass, Phonix Motor Works, Southport. road, Linaca-road, Litherland, Lancashire. )\OR sale.—A Stedman-Brown oxygen generator com —50 d full si ; _ plete, only used three times, can be seen in London, ee Page Bae Coe ed ee price £2 9s. ; also Tue Oprican Macic LANTERN JOURNAL, Landcroft-road, East Dulwich, S.E. > “| from 1895 to present date, unbound, 2 or 3 numbers missing; what offers? — Address, M. B., OpricaL ANTERNIST with single and double ‘apparavus LANTERN JOURNAL. desires to work with lecturers and Evangelistic missioners in conducting services; good organiser; not PARIS Exhibition, 40 slides ; cat studies; Mr. and Mrs. afraid of work; Hon. Officer Salvation Army.—Barclay, Kruger, and five others, very amusing, 4s. the six ; 363, Icknield-street, Birmingham. flower studies, 100 slides; London views, the Zoo, Can terbury, Winchester, St. Paul’s and Exeter Cathedrals, COLOURED slides, 4d. each; lecture sets, Westminster Abbey, etc.; thousands of slides, 6s. the comic sets, and songs, 5d. each.—W. Hughes, ; dozen; catalogue, 3d.; lists free.—Jokn Stabb, Babba72, Biddulph-street, Leicester. combe-road, Torquay. New Lantern Slides. SEASON 1900 and i901. China and the War. English Scenes. Transvaal War. Dental—Photomicrographs, MorSouth Africa. pmoloey a ea pt a oe ‘ biti namel, mbryolo Oo e pads Expion: Teeth, Bacterioloey” of the Greece. Mouth, etc. By Dr. J. Leon Williams. Dinard, France. | Sound Waves. By Prof. RB. W. Woods. cea | Magnetic Force. Swit Zenand. ' Maps. From Longmans’ New Atlas. Sicily. | The Heart and its Inmates. Scripture. eae ; History and Work of the Church British Birds, By Thorburn. of England Temperance Society. Cruise to the Baltic, Denmark, | The Bicentenary of the Society for Sweden, and Norway. the Propagation of the Gospel. Slides of the above are Now Ready; List on Application. Full Illustrated Catalogue, 6 Stamps. NEWIFrON & CoO., Manufacturers of Optical Lanterns and Slides of the Bighest Quality only, 3, FLEET STREET, LONDON.