The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The e Optical Magic: Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger Ox GENUINE x0. “ROVALTY” Series of Slides. GINEMATOGRAPH FILMS = 2 ve rarer FROM CHINA AND THE EAST ; Unpublished Photographs by Travellers recently returned. Being part of Series recently taken by a Skitled Operator with E. F. G. HATCH, Esq., M.P., during his Tour in China, FIRST LIST. i No.1. inese Man-of-War Lu. Japan, Corea, Malay, Aden, Canada, British Columbia, etc. < 2 Chiefoo from the Sen. off Taku y : = 3. House-boat on the Pei-Ho near Pekin. No. 1. Street Scene in Pekin. 125 feet. _ > » 3. Panorama on the Tientsin to Pckin Railway. 65 feet. a de _ pe on the Pei-Ho. » 4. Chinese Factory Hands. 65 feet. » 5. Pekin } meee gine aha » 5. An Old Chinese Woman Spinning. 65 feet. ” My Native Traders in Pekin. » 6. Craft onthe Canton River. 125 feet. a mn ” ” . 8. A coloeee Lancary. fais pave Eade 9. Chinese Go-cart, Nur se, and Baby. .» 9. Native Boat Race in South China. 80 feet. H ” rt Peay noe » 10. Chinese Theatre. 125 feet. vw Ate 1 », 12. Chinese Inn. oi. 1st Regiment of Sikhs at Exercise (now in Pekin). » 13. Outside Pekin—The Canal Forded by the Allies. ., 12. Coaling Man-of-Wax at Nagasaki. 50 feet. » 14. The Walls of Pekin, Mongolian Traders. 1, 13, Market Scene in Corea. 50 feet. ” is: y» _& Camel Pack. 14. Chinese at Dinner. 50 feet. » 16. Camels entering Pekin. ; ; “a 15. # Ironing. 50 feet. » 17. On the Road from Tientsin to Pekin. », 18 Native Quarters of Pekin. Price 1s. per foot. ie Chay ” : 1 20, Gateway near Pekin. ! » 21. The Great Wall of China, view from top. » 22. Archway with Buddhist Inscription, and Great Wall THE C.E.V. RECEPTION. "of China. Se.08 » 23. Gigantic Statues of Camels. Taken by permission from the steps of St. Paul’s | 1 2. si ” Elephants. Cathedral. Price 2s. 6d. each. HARRISON & CO., Sole Publishers, 13, BERNERS STREET, LONDON, W. IMPORTANT <2 LIMELIGHT USERS!| m= Art Bistorical PICTURES OF LANTERN SLIDES. Durer, Over 2,000 Subjects. “GX BORLAND’S xa. PATENT SCISSORS ARG LAMPS F oe OR LL Van Dyk, Hals, ~ Holbein, Direct and Alternating Currents. Mich. Angelo \ Pes H aa UE PRICE Millet, eee Made in Three Types PER Hand Feeding. SLIDE Self-Striking & Hand Feeding Mark 1.20. The “ Dot."' The only auto matic Arc Lamp in the : market which fits all ordiAil Slides are nary Optica] Lanterns on made from the the limelight tray without any alterations ORIGINAL ——— NEGATIVES Invaluable for Theatrical Purposes, Lantern Projections, Enlarging, by the DISCOUNT TO Murillo, THE TRADE. Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Teniers, Velasquez, bape . Da Vinci Printing and, Photographing. Fine Art Establishment Watt ° ——— of Braun, Clément & Co. atteau, AND Prices, Particulars, and Testimonials free on application to— SOLE AGENT: MANY OTHERS. F. J. BORLAND, Ed. Liesegang, Dusseldorf > sr = Sheepscar Grove, LEEDS. ESTABLISHED 1854. [GERMANY.] Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.