The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS, PROFESSIONAL lanternist and cinematographist of great experience is open to engagements, with or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal. —Address, Optics, 13, York-street, Walworth, London. ANTED, complete sets of lantern slides, secondhand, in good condition for hiring out trade.— Address, Optical, c/o OpticaL LANTERN JOURNAL. LIDES.—Clergyman’s stock of lecture sets ; Lancaster's }-plate Instantograph, 1900, new, with three double dark slides ; also a ‘“‘ Ray" 3-plate lene.—Dunelm, 9, Carthusian-street. I-UNIAL, Watson’s ‘‘ Premier,” large aperture lenses, etc.; excellent condition; as new; £15; appointment.— Z., 156, Brecknock-road, N.W. bY, darters 13-inch condenser for enlarging.—J. PB, Box 164, Post Office, Bristol. O lecturers and public entertainers.— A most powerful bi-unial lantern for sale cheap, 3-inch front lens, two most powerful high pressure jets, rolling curtain, etc., packed in travelling case, and 20 feet linen screen.— H. Wood, Nunhead Lodge, Nunhead-lane, Peckham, S.E. OR sale, a complete set of bound volumes of THE Macic LaxtTERN JouRNAL, volumes 1 to 10.— Apply at the Office of the Journal, 9, Carthusian-street, E.C. LEARING out; 50 full size slides, chiefly photographic ; only 15s. 6d.— Fred Terry, 40, Landcroft yoad, Kast Dulwich, London, S.E. iii. ee size lantern and 30 slides; only 35s. ; bargain.— Fred Terry, 40, Landoroft-road, East Dulwich, London, S.E. O lecturers, etc.— Lantern operator (recommended by some of the best known public lecturers) is open for engagements in town or country; highest class of apparatus ; for terms and open dates apply to R. G. Mason, 69, Park-road, Clapham, S.W. Ce and. six films, maker, Wray, London, 4-inch triple condensers, Gwyer's jet, eost £30; perfect; exchange for first-class triple or biunial lantern, £12 cash ; can be geen any time.—J. Bate, &, Corporation-street, Gorton, Manchester. Sia bi-unial lantern for sale, two sets of lenses, Lawson's saturator, two 40 feet cylinders, gauge, Beard’s regulator, lock-up case, tripod, two sheets, best frame, rubber tubing, etc.; 2,000 slides, number of special type written lectures, réadings, lecturer's lamp; a most valuable collection; cost over £150, accept £80 (not the value of the slides); nothing lower accepted.— Address, Bi-unial, c/o OpticaL LANTERN JOURNAL. SARIS Exhibition.—30 splendid slides, 15s., sample, 6d. ; wanted, 12 feet oxygen gas-bag, good condition, must be cheap; wanted to exchange for coloured set of slides Ben Hur, 70 splendid coloured slides 1,000 Miles up the Nile, or would purchase if cheap.—Apply, P. H. Grandin, 49, Colomberie, Jersey. Wea. lanternists to try our work; Paris effect sets, conundrum slides, slides made ; colouring effects a speciality; films coloured; designs for skirt dancers ; change for a Kruger sovereign; British Bobs, two slides, coloured, post free 1s. 8d., panorama slide for single lantern with effects, Buller's return, 8s..6d., post free.—Brett & Green, 23, Bickerton-road, London, N. New Lantern Slides and Apparatus SEASON 1900-1901. ACETYLENE LIGHT FOR LANTERNS. \A/E are now able to supply a Complete Apparatus . for working our Oil Lanterns with Acetylene . Gas of a most simple and efficient form. It is perfectly . safe, and more easy to work than an oil lamp, while it gives a considerably brighter light. PRICE COMPLETE. GENERATOR, LAMP, TUBING, &c. 70;Tins of Carbide for two hours’ Exhibition 6d. The above can he seen at work in our Testing Room at 3, Fleet St. | New Ether Saturator, £8. NEW SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF SLIDES AND APPARATUS POST FREE ON APPLICATION, ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE SIxX STAMPS, NEW SLIDES. CHINA AND THE WAR. DINARD, FRANCE. TRANSVAAL WAR. | GERMANY. SOUTH AFRICA. : SWITZERLAND. PARIS EXHIBITION. | SICILY. », The Louvre Statuary.| SCRIPTURE SCENES. BRITISH BIRDS. From Drawings by A. THORBURN. CRUISE TO THE BALTIC, DENMARK, SWEDEN, AND NORWAY. ENGLISH SCENES. DENTAL.—PHOTOMICROGRAPHS. Morphology and Pathology of the Enamel Embryology of the Teeth, and Bacteriology of the Mouth, &c. By Dr. J. LEon WILLIAMS. SOUND WAVES, By Prof. R. W. Woops. MAGNETIC FORCE. MAPS. From Longmans’ New Atlas. THE HEART AND ITS INMATES. HISTORY AND WORK OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. THE BICENTENARY OF THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL. NEWTON & CO., Manufacturers of Optical Lanterns and Slides of the Highest Quality only. 8, FLEET STREET, LONDON.