The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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iv. GENERAL ADVERTISHMENTS, —Continwed. RAND new ‘effect sets in the finest miniature painting.—Fire in Jewin Street, houses gradually burned down and walls are seen to fall in; The Earthquake at Arica, with startling and realistic effects; The Kremlin, Moscow, with grand effects of illuminations and searchlights; send for lists Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. pars Exhibition —New and original series of novel effect sets ; scenes in this wonderful world’s show.— The Luminous Palace; The Palace of Electricity and Chateau d'Eau, with its marvellous fountains; The Street of Nations and its aspect at night, millions of glow lamps; The Alexander Bridge, with charming effects, etc., all worked up on special photographs from Nature; each picture a gem of artistic skill; send for lists.—-Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. A MAGNIFICENT series of 55 photos of the Paris Exhibition, each picture a gem of art, both with regard to technical quality and composition ; the finest series extant; superb definition; these are not trade photos, but special productions, printed on the premises by FE. H. Wilkie’s skilled assistants; price 1s. each or 103. per dozen ; send for list.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ARIS Exhibition —Special series of cheap effect sets to accompany above set; Opera House, Paris, day, night—glow lamps outlining buildings and windows illuminated; Lake ia Bois de Boulogne, effect of swans by day, moonrise, and ripple by night; Courtyard Petit Palais, illumination at night by electric lamps; The Grand Palais, day, night, and illumination by electric light; Old Paris and the Seine by day, night, and illumination, moonrise, ripple on water; The Algerian section by day, night, and effect of moon’s rays on buildings ; Esplanade des Invalides by day, night, and illuminated by moonlight; Rue des Natione, day, night, and effect of lamps, moonlight, and ripple; others will be added; these effects are powerful, striking, and entirely new, and it is proposed to issue them for a short time at an average of 2s. 6d. per slide, 2s. extra where mechanical frames are required.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as * below. PROER War effect ; sets as before ; sorties from Lady| smith; naval gun at Ladysmith; Baden-Powell at Mafeking; Buller crossing the Tugela at Potgieter’s Drift; signalling with Ladysmith by searchlicht.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. | enone H. WILKIE desires it to be distinctly understood that these efiects’ are produced by the identical artists who formerly painted the grand dioramic and mechanical effects for which the late Royal Polytechnic was so celebrated; no trouble or expense is spared in their preparation, and at the present time their value to public exhibitors cannot be exaggerated; send for list of effects —Edmund H. Wilkie, as bélow. Pp OTOGRAPHS worked up in oil colour, water colour, pute varnish colours, or by the beautiful Amcrican process at most reasonable prices; the best work only; slides prepared by photography or hand painting from negatives, drawings, prints from nature, or from written or verbal description; every class of mechanical movement supplied or invented for special purposes; see testimonials.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. SP Witie effects for single lanterns.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. 7 HINA.—A large selection of views showing the China of to-day, togother with scenes from tbe recent battlefields, principally from direct negatives irom Nature; send for list—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ARGAINS in second-hand apparatus and slides; send for list; a quantity of useful slides, some finest quality hand-paintinge for disposal at lees than half cost.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. Wee genre studies; many prize medals; the finest series of flower studies in existence; beautifully worked up in colours; snow scenes, cloud studies; all in the, at ordinary prices; lists free.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. o OLAR” mixed gas high-power jet, the ideal lantern jet, the most powerful and perfect jet yet produced for use in single, bi-unial or triple lanterns; send : for illustrated descriptive circular.Kdmund H. Wilkie, as below. \ ILKIE'S improved triple and other lanterns, the : results of a quarter of a centurv’s practical experience ; send for illustrated descriptive pamphlet. ~ Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. OVELTY.-A new box for carrying unframed 7 slides, same size as those usually carrying 45; entirely new principle ; carries 75; slides cannot fall or get out of order; no grooves‘to tear bindings; small, light, compact, nicely finished, stained and varnished, with strap handle for carrying ; 5s. 6d. post free; a great convenience.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ILKIE’S “ Solar" flint limes are made with the V greatest care, are accurately turned and drilled, and composed of sclected magnesian limestone; the finest extant; ordinary size 2s. 9d. per dozen, post free; large size, 1} inches in diameter, a noble lime, per half dozen, 2s. 3d. post free, packed in air-tight tins; lanternists once using these magnificent limes will use no other.—Edmund H. Wilkie, 114, Maygrove-road, West Hampstead, London. ARGAIN.—Lawson’s latest 1,000 c.p. saturator, new last season, guaranteed perfect, with burner and filler for £2 10s.—G. Hare, Strode Orescent, Sheerness. jWOR sale, Wrench’s cinematograph and. lantern combined (still the best on the market) and 12 films; all in good condition; best offers, — Rex, 40, Westgate, Burnley. ANTED, offer for 24 beautiful Scripture slides, Life of Christ, hand-painted, 23 The old, old story, and 24 The river Thames (Newton & Co.).— Write, A. Gowen, 16, Hale End-road, Walthamstow. YOLLODION emulsion lantern slides, made from C original negatives, photograpks, engravings, book illustrations, etc.; for beauty on the screen, no process can touch collodion emulsion.—Dunning, Tynedale, Reigate. Wy ee addresses of lantern slide makers; good ; orders can be -placed.—Lists, etc., to Slides, c/o OpricaL LANTERN JOURNAL. ; 1OKAM outfit for sale cheap, never used, including camera, printer, projector, double film receptacle, four film boxes with winders, printing box, film support, adaptor for lantern, folding tripod, leather casc, three large developing trays, revolving developing frame, measure, chemicals, Biokam hand-book, three excellent film subjects, three unexposed films; see description Macic Lantern JouRNAL, April, 1899 ; worth over: £11; what offers ? —Littleboy, Penygarth, Wrexham. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers,