The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. Vv. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. —Continued R. W. C. HUGHES, the great specialist in optical projection; over 30 years’ experience, and over 20 patents for improvements connected with lantern work; the inventor of the most perfect optical lantern effects extant, which have been supplied to the most eminent amatcur and professional exhibitors. Professor Malden, Canon Scott, Dr. 1. Grattan-Guinness, Madame Patti, Colin Docwra, Esq., Capt. Charles Reade, R.N., Chevalier, Stuart Cumberland. Hundreds of the Clergy all over the world; also the Jate Polvtechnic, etc., etc. R. HUGHES’ Docwra Malden and Grand Triples and Bi-unials are superb instruments, and the effects unequalled. The marvellous Pamphengos still holds its own against the commercial productions. Gives beautiful 12 feet pictures. The £6 6s. reduced to £4 4s, ; the £4 4s. to £3 10s. If you want a really high-class technical instrument, consult Mr. Hughes ; if you want a good cheap lantern or cinematograph, see Mr. Hughes’ grand show of instruments, etc., at the show rooms and art gallery, Brewster House, 82, Mortimer-road, Kingsland, North London. R, HUGHES has produced the grandest mochanical effects ever shown upon a.screen. Over 600 to be actually seen io stock, at all prices; the best value in quality and result. Among the most recent are OER war effects. Sorties from Ladysmith ; Buller crossing the Tugela; Ladysmith signalling by searchlight ; Naval gun at Ladysmith ; Mafeking, Baden Powell, Battle of Dundee, etc. “XN. RAND oeffects.—Great fire in Jewin-street, Earth(+ quake at Arica, Life-boat rescue, Fairy glen and lake, The ship on fire, special; and over 400 others. Executed by the only artists who painted a number of the mechanical eftects shown years ago. Mr. Hughes has hundreds of pounds of this class of work, which may never be obtained again; and best of all, they are on view. Hundreds of te: timonials. Grandly illustrated catalogues, 180 choice engravings, 6d., postage 4d., of Lanterns and effects. 60,000 slide list, 6d. ; smaller illustrated catalogues, 100 engravings, 4d. at the Royal Polytechnic | ' Well-painted pe EXHIBITION.—The finest of any yet published, 1s. plain; coloured, 1s. 6d.; very artistic effects of ditto, 3s. 6d. each. CO Ammergau, over 50 subjects. Lists free. Ons fine new series from direct negatives. Be WAK.—Over 200 subjects ; coloured, 1s. 6d.; artistically coloured, 3s. 6d.: litho series of same, 2s. 6d. per box of 12; five lectures in all. O EXHIBITORS.—Hughes’ telescopic brass fronted bi-unial, three sets of lenses, £13 133.; the Universal 4-wick lantern, 183, 6a. Have no hesitation. If you want value, and want to see @ fine collection, visit Brewster House. All kinds of effects madc and invented by W.C. Hughes, Specialist, Brewster House, 82, Mortimer-road, Kingsland, N. Oe eee for £6 only; complete ; Fisherton-street, Salisbury. M. R. ERNEST C. GARBUTT, kinematographist tale, only used one season, one film given —Baker, 86, lanternist and (lanternist to the Gilchriat Educational Trust), has a few vacant dates in November and December; particulars and terms (new address).— 2, Sidlaw-terrace, Roundhay-road, Leeds. ees ; Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, 33, by Newton, plain, the set 10s.; excellent for children's meetings.—Dunelm, 9, Carthusian-street. pes Exhibition, 93 slides: cat studies; Mr. and Mrs. Kruger, and five others, very amusing, 4s. the six; flower studies, 100 slides ; Canterbury, Winchester, St. Cathedrals, Westminster Abbey, 6s. the dczen ; catalogue, 3d. : Babbacombr -road, Torquay, SECONDHAND SLIDES, aja. Each. Photo Slides, Popular Sets. In His Steps, Religious and Temperance Stories, Effects, Mottoes, PictureHymins, Comic Sets, etc., 44d. per Slide. Boer War and other Sets for Sale or Hire. Slidés Made and Painted from own Negatives, etc. Lists Free. London views, the Zoo, Paul's and Exeter etc. ; thousands of slides, lists free.—John Stabb, Customers T. T. WING, CHATTERIS, Camsa Curap as Prates SIMPLE_AS A PLATE TO USE Fiat Firms anp DayRotis GLASSOLINE Price List Free From all Dealers or from THORNTON IMPROVED LIMELIGHT Tre Tuorntox Fits Co., Lrp. ALTRINCHAM, CHESIURE J. OTTWAY & SON, (esTaBLISHED 1820) fdakers of all kinds of Optical Lanterns oe a2 Price £2 12s. Od, % JETS, | 1 No. AND FITTINGS. Our ANIMATOSCOPE ; is equal to anything on the woh “ market, giving a Clear and C4 J. OTTWAY & SON. Our No. 2 similar The very best Jet on the market. the operator to turn down Gases after adjusted, and turn up Light to w ay to above without Cut-off. 35)! Invaluable to Lecturers, as itenables full volume, without altering cither of the gases. {78, St. John Street Road, Clerkenwell, EC. Please mention this Journal When corresponding with Advertisers,