The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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vi. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. THE MAGIC LANTERN: Its Construction and Use. Bound in Cloth, Gd. ESTABLISHED 4 4 ¥5 CATALOGUE 1852. POST FREE. TRADE MARK. “OPTIMUS” MAGIC LANTERNS ‘“3<° DRAWING ROOM +c LECTURE HALL. Limelight may be adapted without alteration at an extra cost of 14/= or in lien of lamp, 7.6, Incandescent Gas fitted at Same Price as Oil Lamp. Each Mayic Lantern is efficient for Exhibitions. The Lens gives crisp definition, being a superior Achromatic Photographic Combination with rack and pinion. It is fitted to a telescopic lengthening tube, so gaining increased focal accommodation. The condenser is composed of two plano-convex lenses of 4 inches diameter. The refulgent lamp has three wicks, yielding a brilliantly illuminated picture. Each is in box. College Lantern, Superior Japanned Metal “College Lantern, Russian Iron Body, Body. Brass Sliding Tubes. Perforated Russian [ron Body, Mahogany Outside Body. Lined with Metal, “ Student's” Perforated Russian Iron Body, Brass Sliding Tubes. Japanned Fronts. Brass Sliding Tubes. Russian Iron Body, Adjustable Brass Mahogany Body Lantern. Superior Mahogany Outside Body, Lined with Stage and Front Tubes. ad 4 Metal, highly-finished Brass Stage and 3-draw Telescopic Tubes. We supply Lanterns of Every Variety and Every Accessory for Lanternists. PERKEN, SON & G2 wre, “ncn mur, LONDON. Lantern Photographs of Various Countries and Peoples. Plain, 1/-; Coloured, 1/6.