The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. vii. METALLIC BELLOWS REGULATOR (BRIER’S PATENT) | \ &§ THE SCOTCH AND IRISH OXYGEN COMPANY, LIMITED, SPECIAL, Optical Lanterns, with 4 inch Compound Condensers aad [hree-wick Lamps, 22/-; with Four-Wick Lamps, 24/-. Handpainted Slides from 4d.; Splendidly coloured 3} by 3} Slides in sets of 12, price 2/6 per set; or four sets for 9/6. Full-sized Changing Comic Slipping Slides, in mabogany frames, 7d. each or 6/6 per doz. Lever Action Slides from 1/6 each. Rackwork Slides (including chromatropes), 2/6 each. Best quality double motion Interchangeable Chromatropes, 4/3; extra Discs from 6d. per pair. “Lightning” double-sarrier Frames, from 1/each. Slides for smail Lanterns from 5d. per dogen. New Catalogue gratis and post free. ROBERT H. CLARK, Wholesale Optician, ROYSTON, HERTS. Rosehill Works, Polmatie, GLASGOW. DUPLEX REGULATOR A Staff of Experienced Hands always available for Cinematograph, Tantern, or Limelight Work, with or without Apparatus. A. CLARKSON & CO., Compressed Gas Manufacturers, 28, Bartlett’s Buildings, Holborn Circus, LONDON, E.C. Established 1886. FREDERICK J. STEDMAN, Lantern Slide Maker and Golourist, 11, ROSE TERRACE, SURREY LANE, BATTERSEA PARK, LONDON, S.W. SANDS, HUNTER & Oo, Photographic Apparatus and Lanterns, NEW AND SECOND HAND, BY ALL THE BEST MAKERS. Lanterns and Operator let out for evening entertainments for children, &c. Terms Moderate. 20, Oranbourne St., Leicester Square, London, W.0. Dissolving View Magic Lanterns and Slides Photographic Apparatus, Scientific Instruments and every description of miscellaneous property. Me: J. O. STEVENS begs to announce that he holds Sales of the above, every Friday, at balf-past twelve precisely, at his great Rooms, 88, King Street, Covent Garden, London. Gentlemen wishing to include property in these Sales are requested to send particulars one week prior to sale. PRACTICAL PHOTCGGRAPHER An Illustvated Monthly intended for the higher vanks of Professicnal and Amateur Photographers. Devoted equally to the art, science, and applications of photography. Those who, in the past, have been troubled with their limes splitting by reason of inferior material SHOULD USE THE NEW «4 i 4 (ns 5 bj \ “CRETON” LIMES (Regd. No. 227,117) which will give a most intense light, and will last longer than any other lime on the market. If any difficulty is experienced in obtaining these limes from ANY LANTERN DEALER, application should be made direct to the manufacturer, H NOYGE 85, NUNHEAD LANE, r] yPECKHAM, LONDON, s.c. N.B. —-These Limes, besides being better than any hitherto introduced, are much cheaper. They are being adopted by all the principal theatres, both at home and abroad.— Vide Daily Press. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.