The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The Optical Megic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. ix. Snecialities in Magic Lanterns & Perfect Cinematographs HUGHES’ STREET CINEMATOGRAPH | HUGHES’ MOTO-PHOTOSCOPE Or OUTDOOR PHEP-SHOW. DOUBLE ACTIONED COINS MONEY iN p NS WINTER OR , | REVERSING MKMPaQOAaA SUMMER. ¥ -Cinematograph Is an innovation on all existing machines. Stilla great success rice £21 10s. complete or 20 People. THE DUPLEX ras. if PEEP-SHOW a For 40 People. : Price £38 10s. Illustrated A superb piece of : mechanism giving | Brilliant Steady Pictures F from 10 fect to 20 fect. x if H : Unequalled. Particulars, 2d. Se | Price £30. = HUGHES’ Marvellous PAMPHENGOS. Nearly a The finest Oil-lighted Lantern extant. Gives brilliant 12 to ! il Hl A 14 feet pictures. The £6 6s, reduced to £4 4s. The £4 ds. h I reduced to £310s. Particulars free. a n ‘ i Hime Mr. Hughes has the Greatest Display of High-class Projecting ; al Lanterns and Effects, etc., the World has ever seen The | al Doewra, the Grand, and the Miniature Malden Triples. Superb | ie instruments, as supplied to Madame Patti, Professor Malden, | ‘ier i Royal Polytechnic, etc. Betore purchasing get Hughes Grandly i Illustrated Catalogue, 180 original Engravings, price 6d., postage (ee | 3d.; giving valuable information. aie Leer ae en : Price List of 60,0C0 Slides, 4d.; postage 2d. Cheapest and bes . it i i Lantern Outfits in the World. 50 beautiful Slides loaned for 3s. j Price £30 PHOTO-ROTOSCOPE BI-UNIAL. Further Improvements. Fs | HUGHES’ COMBINED CINEMATOGRAPH & LANTERN. Living Picture and Lantern Picture | superimpose in size and position. The only instrument doing this accurately and without loss of light. \ £18 1Ss. reduced to £16 16s. ail : igo ROSOSeOE | uy Separate £11 11s.and £9 9s. reduced to oI ee £9 9s. and £7 7s. Complete, Price S25, Reduced to £23 10s. | ESTABLISHED OVER 30 YEARS. XOTE THE ADDRESS, IF YOU WANT PERFECTION IN EITHER CIXEMATOGRAPHS, LANTERNS, OR EFFECTS. Brewster House, 82, Mortimer Road, Kingsland, LONDON, N. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.