The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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x. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. “J, THE BOER WAR OF 1900. LITHOGRAPHIC LANTERN SLIDES. Being a complete account of the War, with pictures of the most important events. Contained in qo slides and arranged in 5 chapters of 8 slides each. Each set is complete with its reading. Chapter |.—Boer tnvasion of Natal. Chapter |].—Siege of Ladysmith. Chapter II!.—Relief of Kimberley. Chapter !IV.—Cronje and Bloemfontein. Chapter V.—Relief of Mafeking and entry Into Pretoria. PRICE per Set (including 8 Slides and Reading), 2s, 6d., complete in fancy box, with Coloured Patriotic Design. Complete Reading, containing the Five Chaptersin One Book. Price 6d ‘naa i GINEMATOGRAPH FILMS. ‘coPYAIGHY? | NOW READY. Weare the Sole Wholesale Agents for 1900-1go1 Epition, Peer es WILLIAMSON'S CINEMATOGRAPH FILMS, References Tables, The Quality of which is Unsurpassed. Memorandum Pages, : Diary of Endagements: PRICE 1s. PER FOOT. Directory of Dealers in Ne a Gas, etc,, No. 4. Washing the Sweep. 75 feet. Lantern and Slide » 57. Queen’s Visit to Ire'and, in Phoenix Park. 75 feet. Requisites. » 90. Reception of the Crew of the Powerful.” 85 feet. = » 14. The Jovial Monk and his Attendant. ‘No Lanternist can afford to be Willi s Fy, ats aithout this handy book, Complete Catalogue of 1 edlutinison 's pees on A pplication. Bickéa. va e CINEMATOGRAPH FILMS OF BOER WAR, Sy OSE ETEE PARIS EXHIBITION, etc., etc. Complete with Pencil. Full Lists of same on A pplication. . “PRIMUS” HOME GINEMATOGRAPH FOR USE WITH OIL LAMP, LIMELIGHT, OR INCANDESCENT GAS. SPECIFICATION. Mechanism.—Standard Edison Gauge Sprocket, improved Geneva Escapement with Shutter and Spring Film Stage. Complete INCANDESCENT GAS IS RECOMMENDED. Fittings for this Illuminant are sent unless other Opties.—aA specially made double Achrowise specified. matic Petzval Combination, 2} inch Focus, in Brass Rack and Pinion Jacket, 4 inch diameter Plano-Convex Condenser. Body —Russian Iron, with Door and Brass Sight-hole, on polished Mahogany Baseboard. Wluminant.—Incandescent Gas, 4-wick Oi] Lamp or Blow-through jet. Films.—Three first quality Photographic, English-made Films of up-to-date subjects, 4 feet long, joined for continuous action. Ordinary full Length Cinematograph Films can be exhibited on this Machine. a= oe : Bega 3 Box.—Well-made Pine Box, with Strap oe ee ee ae Es Handle. ene a ee Le __Extra Films 2/G each, W. BUTCHER & SON, Blackheath, LONDON, S.E. Write for our Winter List of New Goods. :