The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photozraphic Enlarger. xi. __ BAMFORTH'S Life Model hantern Slides, ILLUSTRATED SONGS, &c. Che Laraest Producer in the World. New Supplementary List, Season 1900-1, containing detailed list of 21 Pupulay Songs, including the most Patriotic Songs of the day. Post Free on Application. Detailed Catalogue, 234 Pages, containing lists of all previous productions. Life Model, Comic, etc. Post Free 9d. Slides made from customers’ negatives, etc., by a special wet collodion process, giving good results even from poor weak film negatives. Send negative for sample slide and terms. JAMES BAMFORTH, STATION ROAD, HOLMFIRTH, YORKSHIRE. REMARKABLE TESTIMONIALS to the Success of the <“RILEFORD” GENERATOR. Rev. J. G. Bircx, Limerick, writes Nov. 23rd, 1899:—‘ I have just completed a lecturing tour with the Praestantia outfit you supplied me with. It proved most satisfactory. I am much pleased with the unrivalled light that can be had with your ‘ Rilford’ Oxygen Generator and Lawson Saturator.”” W.H. C. Bark, Esq., Woolton, writes March 24th, 1900:—" Let me again tell you of my numerous successes of the season with your ‘ Rilford’ Generator. Ever since the first few times, when I was unfamiliar with its working, it has never failed me, and the light has been brilliantly maintained throughout my numerous entertainments. Itisa gem, and beats cylinders and their increased cost and trouble out and out.” Rev. C. H. Fyxes-Citxton, of Blandford, writes March 5th, 1900:—'‘I am much pleased with the ‘Rilford' apparatus; it works perfectly.” Rev. Ix. DurnForp Iirr, of Leicester, writes Dec. 23rd, 1899 :—‘‘ I am delighted with it. It is the very thing necessary for one like myself, who is constantly visiting villages and out of the way places. The automatic movernent of the lamp is most ingenious, and the light produced far better than what I have been able to get with a nixed jet.” G. H.N. Strrrens, Esq., of Worcester, writes Oct. 20th, 1899 :—“ I cannot too highly praise the invention.” G. H. Eriotr, Esq., of West End, writes Nov. 13th, 1899 :—"' With regard to the ‘ Rilford,’ all I can say is, it is simply splendid, and I cannot speak too highly of it. It thoroughly deserves everything that has been said in its favour, and more too. Not only is the light most brilliant and steady, but the regular and unfailing supply of yas, the automatic action, and absolute safety of the apparatus give one the confidence which one doesn’t often fee! when working other appliances.” “RILFORD" Oxygen Generator 1T SAVE S LIFE Too. ; ; in operation. Rev. G. W. L’Estrance, of Caledon, writes Feb. 7th, 1g0o:—“ I am much pleased with the ©Rilford’ Oxygen Generator. The evening it arrived the Doctor here tried it with a bad case of Pneumonia, Price £5 10 0 and the effect was most marked. With your Ether Saturator it works most satisfactorily.” ° ANOTHER CLERGYMAN. Who does not wish us to publish his name, but who will answer any questions by letter (name and address to be obtained from us), writes June 27th, 1900:—“ I send you an account of a case of Pneumonia, in which the ‘ Rilford’ was used with much success. The case in point was that of a boy aged twelve. Pneumonia showed itself on May 22nd. On May 2sth oxygen was first used, a cylinder being obtained from the Cottage Hospital, where one is. always kept ready. On Sunday, May 27th, this gave out, and as there was on that day no possibility of getting another | j cylinder, my ‘ Rilford’ was taken down, and first used at S.30 p.m. From ro p.m. to 7 a.m, oxygen LIMITED was at first administered every 45 minutes, then every hour, with the result that the boy, whose case i seemed almost hopeless at 10 p.m., was decidedly better. The improvement continued, the ‘ ‘Rilford’ being used at longer intervals during the 29th and the nights of the 25th and 2gth. The 55 & 57, Godwin St., boy is now convalescent, and in the Isle of Wight. I think, humanly speaking, the presence of a *Rilford’ in the village saved his life.” BRADFORD. The Originals of these and many other Testimonials may be seen here. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.