The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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xii. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. ARTISTIC AND BEAUTIFUL WILLIAMSON'S Lantern Slides | Kinematograph Films, ARE PUBLISHED BY GRAYSTONE BIRD, | one-minute Photographer, BATH. COMEDY SERIES. 149 AWARDS LAST SEASON, INCLUDING GOLD, | LATEST ADDITIONS: SILVER, AND BRONZE MEDALS. : : The Jovial Monks, 1 & 2. $ >ECIALITIES :—Child Studies. Genre. Sea The Sleeping Lovers. and Sky Effects, Etc., Etc. Courtship under Difficulties. LARGE NEW SERIES FOR SEASON 1900-1. ee: SPORTS AND CATALOGUES FREE. TRADE SUPPLIED. PASTIMES SERIES J. BONNEVILLE, GREAT GLOVE FIGHT. 230 ft. Maker of Limelight Apparatus. CC Higwaheadah Jets fom 7/6. Mixed Jets from 8/6. y=" Now showing in several London Halls. Equal to the Best Repairs to Lanterns and Caumaaniaphs. Wheel cutting for Cinematographs and othey purposes. ee ee Se 208, ST. JOHN STREET, CLERKENWELL, E.c. | Telegrams: “FILMS, BRIGHTON.” ANIMATED — PHOTOCRAPHS. “Prestwich” Cameras and Projectors FOREMOST IN 1896. HELD THE HIGHEST REPUTATION EVER SINCE. Two SILWER MEDALS. Used by more Professionals than any other Machine. UNDOUBTEDLY THE Best Fitm oF THE Kinp. a a a oe aed Our New No.7 Projector has many novel features, the Adjustment of the Film in the window being the chief point. The adjustment has a travel of one inch, and is adjustable while the machine is running, by simply moving the lower handle shown in illus. tration. Picture is always in the same position on the screen. ~"d a, Yl PRICE LISTS FREE. Prestwich Manufacturing Co, 744, HIGH ROAD, and 1, LANSDOWNE ROAD, TOTTENHAM, LONDON, N. Please Mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers. NEW No. 7 PROJECTOR. Patent Applied for.