The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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THE B.!?. COMBINATION KEY, Lanternists know too well that there is a difference in the fittings of cylinders, etc., used by the various gas compressing firms, and often it is no easy matter to get the right tool or spanner whereby to obtain a supply of gas after having got the cylinder. To simplify matters on this score, the Scotch and Irish Oxygen Company, of Rosehill Works, Polmadie, Glasgow, have introduced a universal key which they have named the B.P. combination key. The tool, which is supplied either blackened or nickel-plated, weighs about 18 ounces. This key is made of stamped steel, case hardened throughout, and the reversible union or coupling H is made of gun-metal. | With the aid of the illustrations and letters on same the uses of the various parts will be readily understood. six different size spindles are provided for :— A. To suit Manchester Oxygen Company's and other gland nuts. It will be noticed that | lf ! Ci. (Opposite side.) To suit Brin’s, etc., spindles ;3, inch square; also the advantage of. taking .3, inch spindle when it becomes slightly worn or rounded on the corners. D. To suit t inch bare spindles employed by some gas compressing companies for oxygen and nitrous oxide for dentists, etc. . (Opposite side.) To suit } inch full ditto, ditto. E. To suit odd or bastard size spindles. . (Opposite side.) Ditto, ditto. F. Screw-driver. G. Hammer-head. Gun-metal reversible union to suit gauge, regulator, slow valve. The end H! is screwed to fit Scotch and Irish Oxygen Company's cylinders or other externally screwed oxygen valves, and H? fits the bull-nose or internally screwed oxygen valves of Brin’s, Birmingham, ard Manchester Oxygen Companies, and others. It will be noticed is screwed ($ inch gas thread, same as tails of gauges, regulators, slow valves, etc.) to carry the reversible union x. J. Lime tongs. Lime cleaner. The pin is atitfly hinged and brought to right angles with the lever of key when used to clean out the hole in lime, L. Wing nut, etc., lever. tr BUTCHER'S LITHOGRAPHIC SLIDES. Messrs. Butcher & Son, of Blackheath, are at present making a special feature of lithographic slides pertaining to the Boer war. Of course slides made by this process cannot for a moment compare with photographic slides, but all things considered they are good of their kind, and with, say, an oil light, will look very well when projected ona screen. These sets of slides are known as the Junior Lecturers’ series, and are sold at a low price. NEWTONIAN ETHER SATURATOR. The annexed drawing shows the general shape of a new ether saturator Just brought out by Messrs. Newton & Co., of 3, Fleet Street, E.C. It practically consists of two chambers, one placed within the other, both stuffed with material to retain the ether, each being provided with means for reinforcing their ether supply from a reservoir at the bottom of the saturator, ' into which a number of feeding wicks extend | from the two chambers spoken of to the extra B. To suit Brin’s, Birmingham, and Scotch and Irish | Oxygen Companies’, and other glard nuts; also to take reversible union H. C. To suit Manchester, Birmingham, and Scotch and Irish Oxygen Companies’, etc , spindles s. inch square, supply of ether. We lately submitted this Saturator to some exhaustive and severe trials with jets of very large bore, and were very pleased with the results obtained. Into the saturator we poured a quart of ether, and after allowing sufficient time for soaking up by the stuffing, poured out about one half,