The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. xill. & mG Demeny’s -LUMIERE, CELEBRATED 3 E LG E, is. WO CHRONO . HEPWIX, ae Film Subjects. PROJEGTOR, leet aa de eden Steady FIRST QUALITY ONLY. 9 ———_—_—_—_<$<_—_————_—____ a _ ae _:_ _ ee Silent, Latest Catalogues on application. Flickerless, Taking, developing, and printing other people's Views — and — A SPECIAL FEATURE. Absolutely Beep SOLE WHOLESALE AGENTS FOR HEPWORTH & CO., es renee ft ocast Cinematographers. ftundreds in use all over the orld. | Factory—WALTON-ON-THAMES. OFFICE AND SHOWROOMS: L. GAUMONT & CO., 25, Cecil Court, Charing Cross, LONDON, We. Telegrams: “OBJECISTI, LONDON. RIDER & CO ’S RIFE MODEL LANTERN SLIDES, Illustrating J. Burnham's and Curwen & Son’s, Ltd., Services of Song, from whom they have received the Sole Bienes Also other Slides, Comic and otherwise. NEW LIFE MODEL ‘SETS THIS SEASON. Only a Gipsy. 24 Slides. | Froggie’s Little Brother. 24 Slides. | Peter the Fisherman. 25 Slides. Only a Waif. 23 y Dot and her Treasures. 24 ,, Blind Betty’s Text. 20 yy The London Attic. 8 Loved unto Death. 28 CO, Cabin Boy's Bible. 2I,, The Two Drunkards. 14 55 Drunkard's Wife. 8 ,, Those Merry Bells. 2 45 The Cyclist and Tramp (Up-to date), 12 Slides. FROM SPECIALLY PREPARED DRAWINGS. Five Senses (Up-to-date). 5 Slides. | Ten Little Nigger Boy 10 Slides. A Tale of 1, 2, 3, and 4 Legs 10» (Wording on ack Slide) (Wording on each Slide) | A Live Snow Ball (Wording on each Slide) IG The Doctor’s Revenge. 12 45, | Very Comic Mottoes 22 Detailed Catalogue, Post Free, 1900-1. Slides made from Customers’ Reaatives. W. RIDER & CO., ‘*snd'cotcwists MAIDENHEAD »° WIMBLEDON. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.