The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1900)

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“The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. WE MAKE LENSES on the INTERCHANGEABLE SYSTEM of manufacture, each part of every lens being made to standards with a degree of accuracy and beauty of finish which is believed to be unrivalled. The testing and adjusting of the complete lenses is done by experts with great care, each instrument being subject to special study with the object of rendering it as perfect as human skill can make it. TAYLOR, TAYLOR flopson. SToucHTon Street Worxns, LEICESTER. AND 18 Berners STREET. LONDON, W. DARLINGTON’S HANDBOOKS. “Sir Henry Ponsonby is commanded by the Queen to thank Mr. Darlington fur a copy of his handbook." “Nothing better could be wished for."— vitish Weekly. “Far superior to ordinary guides."—Londow Daily Chronicle. zs.each. Ill'd. Maps by JOHN BARTHOIJ.OMEW, F.R.G.S. The Iale of Wight. The Channel Islands. The Yale of Liangollen.| The North Wales Coast. The Wye Yalley. The Severn Valley. Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, and St. Leonards. Bournemouth and the New Forest. Bristol, Bath, Chepstow, and Weston-super-Mare. Aberystwith, Towyn, Barmouth, and Dolgelly. Malyern, Hereford, Worcester, and Gloucester. Llandrindod Wells, and the Spas of MidWales. 3S. 6d. net. 60 Illustrations, 24 Maps and Plans. LONDON AND_ENVIRONS. By E. C. Coox, and E. T. COOK, M.A. Llangollen: DARLINGTON & CO. London: SIMPKIN & Co. DO YOU LANTERN ? Of course I do; with Matthews’ Portable Lan tern, I succeed splendidly. Get one at once, and so will you. Descriptive Price List | Post Fiee. | i EG Bo L. MATTHEWs, PHOTOGRAPHS. — Beautiful Photographs of Scenery, Ruins, &c., in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, and Egypt; also North Wales, 1s., 1s. 6d., and 2s. Complete List Post Mree, DARLINGTON & CO., LLANGOLLEN. THE | 97, Queen Victoria Street, LONDON, E.C. “INJECTOR” MIXED JET. (JACKSON'S PATENT.) ort PRICE SOs. XO. This is the only Mixed Gas Jet which will work at full power with coal gas taken direct from the town supply, and oxygen from a cylinder. In order to effect this the oxygen, on its way to the mixing chamber, is made to pass through the small Injector | in the sketch at a pressure of about 12 Ibs. per square inch. In passing through the Injector it sucks a supply of coal gas from the’ pipe H, which is connected with the house pipe, and forces it forward through the short pipe T into the mixing chamber M. Here the mixed gases meet the baffle plate B, which has the two-fold effect of silencing the passage of the gases, and ensuring their complete admixture. The mixed gases then pass through holes in the edge of the plate, and so to the’burner. The requisite pressure of oxygen is obtained in the ordinary way by a fine tap on the cylinder, or an automatic regulator fitted with a high-pressure spring to deliver at about 15 lbs. pressure. Five seasons’ experience has fully established the superiority of this Jet over all others. It will yield THE FULL 1,800 TO 2,000 CANDLE-POWER (so-called) of the ordinary mixed jet when taking its supply of coal gas direct from the town’s pipe, or even froma bag without any pressure atall. If atown's supply is not available, it will work just as well with coal gas froma cylinder. We cannot see why ordinary mixed jets should be purchased which cannot offer these alternatives. As for blow-through jets, ejector or otherwise, we do not know why they should be used at all, when with the same economy and convenience of working, the Injector Jet will give two or three times the light. By removing the Injector nipple the jet becomes an ordinary mixed jet. This can be done whenever it is desired to work with oxygen at low pressure, and coal gas from a cylinder. The working of the Jet is simpler than that ofan ordinary jet. When the H tap is once adjusted, it does not need to be touched again when using town's gas. The turning off or on of the oxygen supply regulates automatically the supply of coal gas. This is a great convenience in actual use. Most existing jets can be fitted with an Injector to enable them to take their coal gas supply from the house Pipe. The Jet willin certain cases be sent on approval on deposit of purchase price. Further particulars free on application te MANCHESTER OXYGEN (Brin’s Patent) CO., LOTpD., Great Marlborough Street, Manchester. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.