The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (May 1901)

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See a A on Page 49. _ ee THE OPTICAL. . MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL And Photographic Qnlarger. A Magazine of Popular Science for the LectureRoom and the Domestic Circle. WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED THE “LANTERN WORLD.” (Entered at Stationers’ Hall.) Vol. 12.—No. 144. MAY, 1rgor. . Price 2d., Post Free 3d. “OPTIMUS” = Estd. 1852. MACIC LANTERNS, From 30/tt &9 Os. AND ALL ACCESSORIES. = = Catalogue Post Free. PERKEN, SON & CO» 1105 “ricer nar: LONDON. \ Ww Manufacturer of Trade $ litie FE’. BRO N, ever Desctiption or clmeliatt sels, ete. “ele. F. B. SPECIALITIES ARE UNEQUALLED. Send for detailed Illustrated: List. DISSOLVERS, ACETYLENE JETS, F. B. HIGH-POWER JET, 35s. SATURATORS. 1,500 TO 2,000 C.P., WITHOUT NOISE. All Prices. All Grades, Used all over the World. ; —e Every Fet Guaranteed. GRIDIRON SATU RATOR, £3. F. BROWN, 13, Gate Street, Holborn, LONDON, W.C. AXE BRAND P.0.P, AND BROMIDE PAPERS. SOLE AGENTS :—FUERST BROS., 17, PHILPOT LANE, E.C. PY RAX Eo in Crystal Form. a“ ee 3 A SA ING EOS Ee A RP ays Sa 5) waG0100 so 3NSSi a