The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (May 1901)

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50 Photographic Convention.—The Council | of the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom announce that the members of L’Union Internationale de Photographie have decided to hold their annual gathering at Oxford simultaneously with their Convention. This meeting will take place at Oxford from July 8th to 13th. | Full particulars may be obtained from the hon. sec., Mr. F. A. Bridge, East Lodge, Dalston Lane, London. cad a had Photographic Continental Excursions.— Under the auspices of the South London Photo| graphic Society, several excursions have been arranged to take place on the Continent. The leader is Mr. W. F. Slater, 5, Firs Parade, High | Road, Lee, §.E., to whom all communications should be addressed. ” od * Mr. T. E. Freshwater, who has spent the | whole of his business life in the service of © Messrs. Newton & Co., has lately been admitted | as a partner in this firm. Mr. Freshwater has been well known to the trade as one of their managers for some years past. rs Pity the Poor Lantern Operator.—A fashionable member of society, when about to give a lecture, engaged the services of an operator, who was to supply his lantern outfit ~ ~ and exhibit a series of slides, the sum agreed | upon being 15s.; but after the lecture only 10s. was paid, 5s. being deducted because the operator did not supply a reading lamp for the lecturer. The case came into Court, when the operator got judgment for the amount claimed. | We shall next hear that the operator will be expected to supply cushions for the reserved seats and refreshments for the lecturer. Per haps under these circumstances he may get as | much as a guinea fee. ~ od Baad Lantern Slides .of Royalty. — Messrs. Newton & Co., of 3, Fleet Street, have made an arrangement with Messrs. W. & D. Downey, of Ebury Street, by which they have obtained the \ The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. sole right to publish as lantern slides the principal copyright photographs of that celebrated firm. These pictures, which have never been allowed to be sold as slides before, comprise the new photograph of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, taken recently by special command. These were published on the 15th ult. as paper photographs by Messrs. W. & D. Downey, and on the same day as lantern slides by Messrs. Newton & Co. They also include a series of the Royal photographs taken during many years past by Messrs. Downey, and their well-known art studies. had bd hd Thornton-Pickard Hand Camera.—The Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Company have just introduced what they term a “‘ Focal plane hand camera.” This camera has many novel points, amongst them being one method of opening up the camera, for the pressure of a spring catch both opens the camera and brings the front into position. This camera closes up by simply folding up the baseboard. Baad Load Royal Photographic Society.—H.M. The King has expressed his willingness to become a patron of the Royal Photographic Society. Her late Majesty Queen Victoria had been a patron of this society for thirty-seven years. * ma ~ Lad E. G. Wood’s Business.—lIn last issue we stated that Mr. Halsey had purchased this business; we should have said Mr. Horsey. ' The business is to be continued under the original name of E. G. Wood. Bead cd Cd Secco Films.—Secco Films (British and Colonial), Limited, which came in with a flourish of trumpets last year, is being wound up. The failure is attributed to insufficient working capital, the attempt to issue £5,000 debentures not being successful. The total deficiency to the share subscribers is over £88,000. & > ~~ Bromley Cottage Hospital.—Mrs. Feiligrath Kroeker will give a reading entitled ‘True Fairy Tales from My Garden” for children, from her new and original stories, at the Bromley Grand Hall, on Wednesday, 15th inst., at 8 p.m. The lecture will be illustrated by lantern pictures, and the proceeds will be devoted to the _ Bromley Cottage Hospital.