The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (May 1901)

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Jil. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. A PROFESSIONAL Janternist and cinematographist of great experience is open to engagements, with or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal. —Address, Optics, 13, York-street, Walworth, London. OR sale, a complete set of bound volumes of Tur : Macic Lantern Journan, volumes 1 to 10,— meply at the Office of the Journal, 9, Curthusian-street, OLLODION emulsion lantern slides, made from original negatives, photographs, engravings, book illustrations, etc.; for beauty on the screen, no process can touch collodion emulsion. — Dunning, Tynedale, Raigate. : 900 SLIDES for sale; stories, comics, effects, slips, geography; hand-painted. — Grant, 40, Whitehall-park, Hornsey-lane, N. p° you want any colouring, negatives made, slides or effects made? Give us your ideas, and we will work them out; rackworks, chromos, levers, slips, moonrise and ripple effects, day to night ¢flects, a speciality ; advertisement slides, mechanical and otherwise, made; negatives made from 5s., slides made from 4s., colouring from 3s. per doz.—Brett & Green, 23, Bickerton-road, London, N. ARPENTER & Westley’s second-hand paintings wanted, good price given.—Particulars to “ Ancient,” care of Editor, Lanrern JOURNAL. OPTICAL & SCIENCE LANTERN \ ANTED, bi-unial lantern, metal body, brass | fronts, with or without long focus lenses, or would purchase good brass front without body.—Wood, Vic| toria Hall, Kidsgrove, Staff. febrero lantern and cinematograph opera tor, with first. class references, with or without apparatus, on lowest terms; distance no object.—Apply, Bernard G. Watson, 44, Upper Baker Street, London, N.W ; Are you aware? ws ACETYLENE GAS VERY BEST LIGHT FOR ook . ENLARGING -WORK, and that you can vet a reliable apparatus which can be turned on or off at will, and that does not overmake gas or smell when in-use, from 15s. SEND STAMP FOR ILLUSTRATED LIiST. _R. J. MOSS, Practical Acetylene Expert, 98, SNOW HILL, BIRMINGHAM. Telegrams—" ACETYLENE, BIRMINGHAM.” Established (S96. Of Highest Quality only. LANTERN PHOTOCHROMOSCOPE. (IVES' PATENT.) Requires only a Single Limelight (Mixed) Jet to work it, or one Electric Arc Lamp. Messrs. NEWTON haye obtained the right to manufacture PHOTOCHROMOSCOPES. LANTERN PHOTOCHROMOSCOPE, with Six Sets of Pictures to attach to any lantern, as shown, attached to the‘ Newtonian” Universal Science Lantern, S1O 108. LANTERN ShIDES From the New Photographs taken by Royal Command by Messrs. IW. & D. DOIVNEY. H.M. KING EDWARD VII. Full length and three-quarter length. H.M. QUEEN ALEXANDRA Three-quarter length. THEIR MAJESTIES PHOTOGRAPHED TOGETHER. Full length. All .in Robes of State as worn when opening Parliament. 2s. Sore Makers: NEWTON & Co., 3, Fleet St., LONDON. Messrs. Newton have NOW READY also Messrs. W. & D. Downey's well-known and unique series of “ Royal Photographs" and ‘‘ Art Studies," and Slides of the ‘Sign of the Cross.” 1s. 6d. each. NEWTON & CO,, Opticians and Scientific Instrument Makers, 3, Fleet St., LONDON. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.