The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (May 1901)

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iv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS, — Continued ‘RAND new effect sets in the finest miniature G work.—‘''The Hidden Terror,” submarine warfare of the future ; The Great Fire in Jewin Street, with special mechanical movements invented by BE. H. Wilkie, building seen to gradually fall in as the fire progresses ; send for lists— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ARIS Exhibition effects elaborately worked up on nature photographs principally from Mr. Wilkie’s own copyright negatives, with novel mechanical and dioramic effects and grand chromatic changes.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. |} OER War effects, in finest work with startling changes.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. DMUND H. WILKIE desires it to be distinctly understood that these effects are produced by the identical artists who formerly painted the grand dioramic and mechanical effects for which the late Royal Polytechnic was so celebrated; it is of interest to lanternists to note that E. H. Wilkie is the only member of the lecture stafi of the late Royal Polytechnic now engaged in the business of supplying these grand optical effects; send for list of effects. —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. QUANTITY-.of odd and second-hand slides, some fine quality hand paintings, bargains, useful lots, send for list —Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ANTERNS of every make re-modelled, renovated, ventilation improved, registration adjusted and corrected under the supervision of Mr. Edmund H. Wilkie; advice and estimates free, special adjustments for absolute registration ; the result of over a quarter of a century's practical experience.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. HOTOGRAPHS worked up in oil colour, water colour, pure varnish colours, or by the beautiful American process at most reasonable prices; the best work only; slides prepared by photography or hand psinting from negatives, drawings, prints from nature, or from written or verbal description; every class of mechanical movement supplied or invented for special purposes; see testimonials.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. A VALUABLE series of selected cinematograph films, practically new, at less than half cost; only used a few times; can be examined, a rare bargain.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. ILKIE’S “8olar”’ flint limes, the finest in existence, extensively used by professional exhibitors; ordinary size, 28. 9d. per dozen, post free, in air tight tins; large size, 1} inches in diameter, a noble lime, per tin of 6—2s. 3d., post free; the finest limes extant.— Edmund H. Wilkie, 114, Maygrove-road, West Hampstead, London, N.W. J. BONNEVILLE, Maker of Limelight Apparatus. Blow-through Jets from 7/6. Mixed Jets from 8/6. Equal to the Best. Repairs to Lanterns and Cinematographs. Wheel cutting for Cinematographs and other purposes. 208, ST. JOHN STREET, CLERKENWELL, E.C. NEXT NUMBER WILL BE PUBLISHED On October Ist. PATENTS and TRADEMARKS. W. P. THOMPSON & CO., Telegraphic Address: “ DISCOVERY, LONDON.” 322, HIGH HOLBORN, = er No. 6823, HOLBORN LONDON, W.C. Also at 6, LORD ST., LIVERPOOL; 6, BANK ST., MANCHESTER; LOWER TEMPLE ST., BIRMINGHAM. _ Patents secured, maintained, defended and worked in all countries. opinions on infringements given, and expert evidence arranged. Oppositions conducted, searches made, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights secured and defended in all countries granting protection. Handbook of Patent Law. Tenth Edition, British Portion, 6d. All countries, 2s. 6d. THORNTON Low PRICE. EXCELLENT QUALITY. NoNE BETTER. Price List Free. Goods obtainable fyom all Dealers, or from THE THORNTON Frum Co., LTD., ALTRINCHAM, CHESHIRE, Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.