The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1901)

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**PYRAXE” Axe Brand P c Acid, in Crystal Form. PHOTOGRAPHIC CHEMICAL TABLOIDS. VE MEA IT NEB: Za Wace a Et LOND ie FIGS all PEP G ~ _. THE AL. . MAGIC. LANTERN § | JOURNAL | And Photographic Qnlarger. A Magazine of Popular Science for the Lecture-Room and thé Domestic Circle. WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED THE ‘'LANTERN WORLD.” é > Fe be y Be by MA Siri (Entered at Stationers’ Hall.] NOVEMBER, Igol. Price 2d., Post Free 3d. Vol. 12._No. 146. PATENTS and TRADEMARKS. W. P. THOMPSON & CO., uw elgerapnle Address, 322, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON, W.C. is ‘RotsonnAlso at 6, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. Patents secured, maintained, defended. and worked in all countries. Oppositions conducted, searches made, opinions on infringements given, and expert evidence arranged. Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights secured and defended in all countries granting protection. Handbook of Patent Law. Tenth Edition. British Portion, 6d. All countries, 2s. 6d. F B SPECIALITIES ARE CELEBRATED FOR THEIR " . EXCELLENCE AND RELIABILITY. Price £3. Price 35s. These are some of the ; f F.B. manufactures. @aa> Send for complete fllustrated List, FREE. — F.B. HIGH-POWER JET. 1,500 to 2,000 c.p. easily obtained ‘even by a novice.” THE “GRIDIRON” SATURATOR. F. BROWN, anvaratis.cinomatogrptstc. 10, Gate St., Holborn, London, w.c. AXE BRAND P.0.P. AND BROMIDE PAPERS. SOLE AGENTS:—FUERST BROS., 17, PHILPOT LANE, EC.