The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1901)

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82 | The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. Brechin,” ‘‘Mr. Tocher gave an interesting lecture, illustrated with lantern slides, entitled ‘The Frequency and Pigmentation Value of Surnames of School Children in East Aberdeenshire.’ He said that in course of a pigmentation survey carried out in East Aberdeenshire in 1896 and 1897 they obtained the statistics of the surnames and pigmentation of 14,561 school children there. Amongst the children there were 751 different surnames, the frequency of which varied between one and 267, Milne being the most frequent, the next in order being Smith, Taylor, Stephen and Bruce. The distribution of surnames was very unequal. Hereditary surnames were not in common use in Scotland until the 18th and 14th centuries. There was a presumption, therefore, that the present possessors of surnames inherited some of the physical characteristics of ancestors of that date.” > Saad bead W. H. Assender & Co., Ltd., in Liquida| tion.—We are informed by the liquidator that | the business of W.H. Assender & Co., Ltd., been sold, and that it will in future be carried on by Messrs. A. Green « Co., Woodside, South Norwood, S.E. Mr. HE. H. Febnell, the assistant manager to the late company, goes with the business. . ~ m c Southsea Photographic Society.—The fourteenth annual exhibition of this society will be held at Portsmouth on December 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. Full details may be learned on application to the Hon. Sec., Mr. F. J. Mortimer, 10, Ordnance Row, Portsea, Plymouth. We understand that there are to be eight open classes, and that gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded. ad & Litigation.—We are advised that the litigation which has been carried on during the past two years between the ThorntonPickard Manufacturing Co., Limited, and Mr. J. E. Thornton is now at an end, as Mr. Tnornton has definitely withdrawn his proposed appeal to the House of Lords. te San Francisco Photo Salon.—The California Camera Club announces that in conjunction with the San Francisco Art Association, the second San Francisco Photographic Salon will be held in the galleries of the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art in the City of San Francisco, beginning January 9th, 1902, and continuing two weeks. Rod ~ ae Photographic Competition.—We have _ been asked to announce that Messrs. Griffin & ' Tylar of Birmingham. Sons, of Sardinia, have extended the time for receiving photographs for their planiscopic supplementary lens competition until the end of December of this year. ee bead cad Lanternists’ Pocket Book —As usual about this time of year Messrs, Butcher & Sons have issued their lanternists’ pocket book. It contaius several interesting items of information, together with a diary for engagements, and will be sent post free for sixpence by Messrs. Butcher. me bod cd Holiday Souvenir Book.—A neat form of scrap book or album has been issued by Mr. W. It consists of a folio of _ several pages on which photographic prints of : Mr. . * Geology,” ; tion of the Winter | address, various sizes can be pasted, leaving an embossed ; border or frame for each picture. me m ~ Acetylene at Genoa.—Acetylene gas has lately been experimented with at a lighthouse of Forest Hill, lime cylinder manufacturers, has | at Genoa, and the light was seen at a distance of forty miles. an + Davenport Camera Club.—The inaugurasession took place on Tuesday, October 15th. The president, Mr. H. J. Hissett, gave a practical and interesting after which the following members exhibited lantern slides :—Messrs. C. Croydon, i J. A. Boolds, R. Maw, A. J. Catford, W. H. Mayne, and 8. F. Heal. The lantern was ably manipulated by Mr. W. G. Parkman. On the Sth inst., Mr. J. T. Trend will give a paper on “Lantern Slide Making.” This society meets at the Lecture Hall of the Technical Schools at 7.30 p.m. Full particulars may be obtained from Mr. F. B. Langdon, 19, Trafalgar Road, Stoke, Se banal > Removal. _The well-known firm of Morley & Cooper, which was carried on for many years at 70, Upper Street, Islington, N., has removed to more commodious premises at 271, in the saine street. in firm Nae established in 18438. Ad Mr. J. Brandon Mediand. ——We must congratulate Mr. J. Brandon Medland on his being again appointed lantern demonstrator at the Royal. Tustitution for the Christmas lectures on “ Klectricity,” by Prof. J. A. Fleming, F.R.S. Medland is also illustrating for Messrs. Sands, Hunter & Co., the Swiney Lectures on held at the lecture theatre of the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, in connection with the British Museum.