The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1901)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. ili. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS. PROFHSSIONAL Jauteruist aud clnematograpuist of great experience is open to engagements, with or without his own apparatus, in town or country, on very moderate terms. Reference, Editor of this Journal. —Address, Optics, 18, York-street, Walworth, London. USSLAN iron lanterv, 4-1nch condenser, 3-wick lamp, 2 dozen slides, 35s.; optical Jantern, mahogany body, 4-ioch condenser, 4-wick lamp, etc., 2 dozen slides, 38s. 6d.—T. Joseph, 4, Cre:cent-street, Barnsbury, N. RENCH'S civematograph with Lccke’s jet, in case complete, £5 5s.; bargain.—Moody, Bell & Son, Cheltsnbam. PERATOR and Knotersainer of 14 years’ experience is open to Engagements with Lecturer, in the suburbs preferred.— Address, Operator, 279, Gipsy Lane, Forest Gate, E. yi OR sale, @ compl: te set of bound volumes of TH Macic. LanreRN JOURNAL, volumes 1 to 10.— Apply at the Office of the Journal, 9a, Carthusian-street, E.C. ANTED, lantern objective, about 94 inch focus, large diameter.— Poulton, 71, Hunter's-road, Birmingham. LIDEs.—Australia, New Zealand, ''asmania, Ceylon, South Africa, Cashmir, Duke’s Royal Tour, etc. ; very fine.— Address, Alpha, Office of this Journal. Messrs. NEWTON & CO. ’ dissolver, £10 10s ; LEARANCE, 600 superior photographic slides by York, etc., in lecture seta with readings, 6d. each ; list free—H. W. Collins, Mdenbridge, Kent. AUL’'S animatograpb, complete with lantern, jet, tripod, and six films; cost £20, will accept first £6 cash.—Walton, The Photographic Chemist, Hull. AMPrHHNGOS lantern lamp by Hugbcs, in capital order, 15s.; landscape lens by Vogel, Philade/phia, 10s.—Fildes, Greenodd, Ulverstone. 1-UNIaL lantern, only usea a few times, mahugswy body, stout brass fronts, single telescope tubes, double racked fronts, 2 inches diameter, Aero lenses, 7 inch and 12 inch fccus, 2 best jets, complete with also firet-class single, shop soiled -178, St. Jobu only, complete with jet, £5 53.--J. O., Street-road. EST and cheapest high-class photographic slides, in sets of twelve; plain 4s., coloured 6s.—J. W. McLellan, 4, Highbury-grove, London AN'ERN slides, several hundred in sets for disposal, cheap ; finest quality; printed list sent free.— Boutwood, Kenmore, Hastings. SECOND-HAND SLIDES. 44d. each (painted), including Life Models, Temperance, Religious, Flower Studies, Comic, Mottoes, Effects, Hymns, etc. Send to us for your slide making and painting. Lists free. T. T. WING, CHATTERIS, CAMBS. Have the honour of announcing that they have been appointed by Royal Warrant, Opticians, &c., to His Majesty the King, NEW LANTERN & SLIDES. SEASON, ELECTRIC LANTERN. = iu a b NEW PATTERN CHEAP ELECTRIC LANTERN: fitted with Hand-feed Arc Lamp in Case, £10 10s. ACETYLENE APPARATUS. A very. Simple and Efficient Generator, £2 2s, 1901-2. NEW SLIDES. Scripture Hofman, Plockhurst, &c. Portrait of the King, Queen, Royal Portraits, Art Studies, ‘‘ Sign of the Cross,” by Downey. © THlustrated Bible.” The Christian Life. The Beatitudes. Reformation Pictures. Notable Persons of the Reformation Period. Tinworth and other Scripture Panels Scenes in Ancient Rome. Tropical Diseases—Malarial. X Ray Photographs. British Reptiles. British Natural IJlistory. Butterflies and Moths. Persia. Central Asia. Transvaal and the War. London Views—Street Life, &c. Historical Portraits. Shakespeare's Country. Dickens's Life and Scenes. Home of George Washiogton. King Alfred the Great. Supplementary List of Lanterns, Apparatus and Slides, Post Free, By Royal oe NEWTON & 60,,.!2% °°, . 3, FLEET STREET, LONDON, Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.