The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1901)

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iv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. GENERAL ADVERTISEMENTS.— Continued RAND effect sets in the finest miniature work, unique and unequalled ; an absolute necessity for exhibitions of the highest order; new subjects; new mechanical frames; new movements; the result of a quarter of a century’s practical public experience; send for lists Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. DS OF YORK'S tour, the subject for the present season; an unusual opportunity for the introduction of grand spectacular effects ; no public exhibitor using these effects need fear a lack of interest in his audience; send for lists.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. Uists OF YORK ac Gioraltar.—Tne 10ck at sunset, decoration of the ships, illuminations of the ships, rock, and town; a fairylike. scene; entirely new and original effects of display of fireworks, the finest ever designed ; showers of rockets actually in motion; gigantic revolving firewheels; chromatic effects and changes in newly invented mechanical frames; send for lists.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. UKE OF YORK at Malta.—Grand night fése and aquatic carnival; fireworks, illuminations and Procession of luminous, humorous animals; changing fiery devices on the ships; a really magnificent effect ; send for lists.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. Pees slides prepared by any process— gelatine, collodion, enamelled albumen, etc.; colouring in every style artistically executed (by artists formerly engaged at the late Royal Polytechnic Institution) in water colour, oil or varnish colour, or by the beautiful American process; hand paintings prepared from sketches, prints, photugraphs, written or verbal descriptions. Kdmund H. Wilkie desires it to be definitely understood that he is the only member of the Polytechnic stsff of exhibitors now engaged in supplying these beautiful works; quotations and suggestioas for work of any description or class.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. V ILKIE'S ‘Solar"’ mixed gas jets; the finest results ; the most satisfactory in use; ideal lantern je's; not made simply to sell, but the result of years of patient experiment for use in Mr. Wilkie’s own jectures; send for circular.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. OLAR flint limes—no details are needed, their repuS tation is established; accurately turned acd drilled, exhibit the exact amount of resistance required ; ordinary size, 2s. 9d. per dozen, post free ; cinematograph size—a grand line—Qs. 3d. per tin, containing six, post free.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. pe OF YORK at Singapore.—Beautifully painted portrait group in foreground; march past of the native procession, the night féte; the grandest processional effect in existence; send for lists.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. A eae ees of the Duke of York at Kandy, Ceylon. —A wonderful scene ; new and original effec.s of illuminated portraits and devices framed in moving fireworks ; a telling and powerful effect; send for liste.— Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. HE “ Ophir” in a storm.—A wonderfully effective moving picture; waves and vessel in motion by eccentric mechanism ; vivid lightning illuminates the scene ; send for lists.—&dmund H. Wilkie, as below. Ne in single lantern effects. —New aubjects in finest hand painting, with ingenious mechauical motions, a great boon to exhibitors using single lanterns; beautiful work; send for lists—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. | abroraas glory.—A striking mechanical radiating effect for openiog or closing a patriotic subject, in finest hand painting; send for lists.—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. SPECIAL. Optical Lanterns, with 4 inch Compound Condensers and Three-wick Lamps, 22:-; with Four-Wick Lamps, 24/-. Handpainted Slides from 4a.; Splendidly coloured 34 by 33 Slides in sets of 12, price 2'6 per set; or four sets for 9/6. Full-sized Changing Comic Slipping Slides, in mahogany frames, 7d. each or 6/6 per doz. Lever Action Slides from 1/6 each, Rackwork Slides (including chromatropes), ‘2/6 each. Best quality double motion Interchangeable Chromatropes, 4/3; extra Discs from 6d. per pair. “ Lightning" double-carrier Frames, from 1/each. Slides for small Lanterns from 5d. per dozen. New Catalogue gratis and post free, ROBERT H. CLARK, Wibolesale Optician, ROYSTON, FLEE. RS Se. slides by Carpenter & Westley and other first-class makers; a variety in different qualities; some accumulations to clear cheaply; send for special lists; useful lots Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. A clare (cinematographic).—A small selection of good and attractive subjects, in splendid condition, at about one-fourth cost; send for special lists—Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. iNew UTY in photographic effect slides; photos taken Ht from identically the same point of view in summer aad winter; ideal dissolving effects, beautifully coloured, in the finest work ; send for lists Edmund H. Wilkie, as below. I caters from testimonial regarding triple lanterns built during the past summer for a well-known popular and successful lecturer :—‘‘I now feel that I have an absolutely perfect lantern in every particular, and I am satisfied that I did the right thing in committing the construction of so important an apparatus into the hands of so well-known and experienced an optical expert as yourself.” Above can be seen. Edmund H. Wilkie, 114, Maygrove-road, West Hampstead, London. THROUGH PASSAGE ! GAUGE, 3 INcH. lh METALLIC . Fitted with Safety | Check eee BELLOWS . Patent), Loose | Spring Back, and REGULATOR any Union. (Brier tent) 33/| Pe With Regulator, | [5 ee i “BP? UNIVERSAL COMBINATION KEY. Blacked, 7/6 Plated, 8/6 Sole Axents for Scotland and (reland 4 for * Trilby ” Diamond Hard Limes. The Scotch & Irish Oxygen Co., Ld., Rosehill Works, Polmadie, Glasgow. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.