The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1901)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. The PRACTICAL Junior Photographer For Amateur and Professional. PLENTY OF PICTURES. Every Month : 3d. PERCY LUND, HUMPHRIES & CO., LTD., AMEN CORNER, E.C, THE SMALLEST ACETYLENE GENERATOR TAKING THE LARGEST SUPPLY Try all other Makes and you'll decide to stick to TYLAR’S “Dreadnaught.” No SMELL. No TROUBLE. ABSOLUTELY AUTOMATIC. Complete for Lantern, #2 2s. OYERMAKE OF GAS, Of all dealers, or direct from W. TYLAR, 41, High Street, ASTON, BIRMINGHAM. Sole agent for Dreadnaught and Carbide of Calcium, wholesale and retail, J.B. LAPHEN, 37, Mary St., Dublin. ENGLAND| IRELAND | DARLINGTON’S HANDBOOKS, ‘Sir Henry Ponsonby is commanded by the Queen to thank Mr. Darlington for a copy of his handbook.” 3 ‘Nothing better could be wished for," British Weekly. ‘Far superior to ordinary guides."~London Datly Chronicle. zs.each. Ill'd. Maps by JOHN BARTHOI.OMEW, F.R.G.S. The Isle of Wight. The Channel! Islands. The Yale of Llangollen. | The North Wales Coaste The Wye Valley. The Severn Yalley. Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, and St. Leonards. Bournemouth and the New Forest. Bristol, Bath, Chepstow, and Weston-super-Mare, Aberystwith, Towyn, Barmouth, and Dolgelly. Malvern, Hereford, Worcester, and Gloucester. Llandrindod Wells, and the Spas of MidWales. 3s. 6d. net, 60 Iustrations. 24 Maps and Plans. LONDON AND ENYIRONS. By E. C. COOK, and E. T. Cook, M.A. Llangollen: DARLINGTON & CO. London: SIMPKIN & CO. PHOTOGRAPHS. — Beautiful Photographs of Scenery, Ruins, &c., in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, and Egypt; also North Wales, 1s., 1s. 6d., and 2s. Complete List Post Free. DARLINGTON & CO., LLANGOLLEN. 86, FISHERTON STREET, SALISBURY. An experience of 35 years, E. BAKER, DEALER IN Optical Lanterns, Dissolving Yiew Apparatus, Limelight Appliances, Jets, Gas, Cylinders, Lantern Slides, Photographic Cameras, Dry Plates, &c. LISTS FREE, J. BONNEVILLE, Maker of Limelight Apparatus. Blow-through Jets from 7/6, Mixed Jets from 8/6, Equal to the Best. Repaivs to Lanterns and Cinematographs. Wheel cutting for Cinematographs and other purposes. 208, ST; JOHN STREET, CLERKENWELL, E.C. Please mention this Journal when corresponding with Advertisers.